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(oooooooooh make love to me)
That’s what she wrote in a text message
So effortlessly, I start reflecting
Back to when we were an item on the market
The hottest new toy moving off the rack at Target

But now I'm on the road, raging, her place my
Destination, but I gotta use caution be patient
Looking both ways now, before I cross the pavement
.. She sent another message saying..

(ooooooooooh, my love, come home to me)
But we don't share the same home
In another mind state, in a different zone
Building blocks like LEGO, the foundation but it
Shattered, go figure, so many battles

Now I'm moving on to bigger things that really matter
Looking forward, not backward, my mind is on the
Priorities, I'm focused on Steve,
But you’ll never leave my heart, or my memories

I said it’s not you, it’s me.
I said I'm sorry babe I gotta leave
(why can't you stayyyy?)
You can't eat your cake and have it on a plate


(the sun is gone)
So now things have changed
We've come a long way since we wrote the first page
I used to love spending countless summer days
With you in the basement, I’m moving on now

Baby let’s face it, I’m growing older now,
No need to babysit, Those days are gone but there's no
Feeling in the world could ever replace it
Every once in a while I take it back to the basics

When it was just me, and you, and my imagination
Would take us places, that we had never seen
That childlike nature, and creativity
Gladly do it all again if it were up to me

But it ain't, my man father time
Mind on the big picture, the grand design
That "everything happens for a reason" type of thing
Growth; a changing of the season type of thing

So when apple juice turns to coffee, ideas considered lofty,
The "real world," it seems so daunting
The ignorance of childhood is now fleeting
Light shed upon the unknown is so revealing

Unrealistic for me to be dreaming, I’m leaving..
(why can't you stayyyy)


She keeps telling me don't let it slip away, go outside and play,
But I've got a schedule now
I broke my ankle, I’m not as flexible now
Gotta stay strong, eat my vegetables now

The Fall: I’m not a spring chicken anymore
I’m getting older, but I’m still kicking' for sure
I got a young frame of mind, take it one day at a time..
And every now and then I rewind

To the smell of the grass, a burn from the carpet
Jumping on the couch, ice cream from Carvel
The first time getting stung by a bee
Thought I could fly, I jumped off the TV

I sprained my shoulder, you learn from mistaking
But the more you know takes away imagination
I’m getting older, but I’m still pacing
Cause the more you know takes away imagination

Lost in my childlike fascination
Lost in the things I’m creating
I’m still a child at heart, I’m gonna keep playing
I’m staying!



from An Opportune Displacement, released January 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Steve Young New York, New York

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