Run (For Your Life) [feat. Jo Stones]

from by Steve Young

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When I was young, I swore to you, that I would be, an architect
As farfetched as it could get, but now I’m doing the opposite
I graduated school and worked for about a year and a half, to be now
Tearing down the walls I built ‘cause they were holding me back,

It took a hop, skip, and a jump but now I’m looking like Peter Pan,
I threw my dream up in the sky, and now I'll Never Land
I'm focused, I know that when there's an obstacle in my path,
They said Buzz Lightyear couldn't fly, 'til he had a rocket strapped to his back

I got that energizer with me, the music is my city
And I will live in this dream, until I die, or ‘til they come evict me
I do this with my heart; you can feel it in every pump
My tracks like grandma's cookies ‘cause I baked the shits with LOVE!

And awww mannnn, how I come alive on the stage
That feeling is unmatched, that feeling can't be explained
That full-time job with benefits was cool, but I gotta say
I wouldn't be proud of what I’m doing if I hadn't have run away


Now it's two thousand thirteen, and I've got an architecture degree
But I'm music making during the day and I'm bartending in the Eve-ning,
Barely making rent, bouncing checks more than bouncing beats,
Gaining traction? I can't even get on my feet!

But I've got a girlfriend, man she's so in love with me
I mean I used to have a girlfriend ‘til she broke it up with me
But I've always been the type to carry a trick up my sleeve
Always been the type to turn that heartbreak into positivity

Recorded in my room all by myself, with just a mic..
It was something about "Hope", something about "Finding the Light"
I got it mixed, by Samori and Kenny; sixteen tracks
That said no matter how dark it may get there's a way of bouncing back

UH! You could catch me at venues performing it in Philly
But there was something missing. It was just music without the
Business.. I needed to work on my online presence
But then comes Steve's inflamed sense of Social Media resentment

Then comes the stressing, worrying about the fans I haven't got
And all the bio's and the blogs, the very moment that I stopped
Putting the focus on the music I became exacerbated
Almost vengeful so I start procrastinating,
Becoming reluctant to post on social media I just said fuck it..


This started with a dream, the dream was first a vision
A dream remains a dream unless the dreamer is relentless
Acting on the dream is how you bring it to existence
There's “acting” and there's “wishing”, real dreamers know the difference

And I can tell you the difference, cause I was wishing for a long time
Trying to get people to listen, I got respect from my peers in
South Jersey and Philly when I made the move to New York City,
I was following the vision.. but you could measure the progress in inches!

Can I go the distance, can I turn this into a business?
Can I go out, perform, and network to establish connections?
And can I build friendships with other artists who've been working
Regardless of whether they're making their rent on time or not or enduring other hardships?

Can I create partnerships? Can I collaborate with musicians from the
Greatest city in the world? Am I on a path soon to be
Building a community that will flourish into a fanbase?
Can I take these words and use them to create majestic landscapes?

Can I take an empty canvas and produce something that's beautiful
That was once unimaginable? Can I take these lower cases
And can I turn them into capital? And if I'm capable
Will it ever truly be enough or am I completely insatiable?


This started with a dream, the dream was first a vision
A dream remains a dream unless the dreamer is relentless
Acting on the dream is how you bring it to existence
There's “acting” and there's “wishing”, it's good to know the difference

People will tell you that your dream is flawed and unrealistic
But I'm so optimistic, that you can go throw salt on my game
And I'll go sifting, through the salt and I'll find the sugar cane
And make a simple syrup throw in life's lemons..

Add a little rain, and that may put a damper on your day,
But me, I'd just kick back relax enjoy this batch of lemonade
Spring flowers popping up enduring adverse conditions, knowing
We've had worse conditions, like the rose that grew in concrete in the

Winter.. That’s not ideal but when you consider we rose from
Ash and fire and built higher with the new World Trade Center
So when they try to tell you that it's impossible just remember,
A dream is just a dream unless that dreamer stands to defend it..

They thought flight was impossible, now I'm checking my baggage
Enjoying my in-flight meal, flyer than Buzz Lightyear, and I'm
Light years away from where I'm going, surely, but never slowing
And I'm enjoying the refreshments, I'll think of up to six more
Impossible things before breakfast, hey Jo, let's get this..



from An Opportune Displacement, released January 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Steve Young New York, New York

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