Exhale (part 1)

by Steve Young

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I wrote this song regarding several violent incidents that occurred recently around Temple University involving Temple students and young children in North Philadelphia

the song also reflects a generalization of the younger generation of kids, as being violent, rebellious, and out of control..

I simply inhale life and exhale it into the mic..


This couple, was brutally attacked off-campus by a group of kids,
8 to 14-year-olds with bricks
The boy.. tried his best to protect them, defend them but his
girl was hospitalized to get her teeth fixed

The scariest thing, it happened where I used to live
Hearing shit like this, nearly blows my own lid
It's like that knockout game, beating up people for sport
Getting dressed for court when they can't even spell court

Remove "Tom and Jerry" and "Ren and Stimpy" due to
Hyper-sensitivity, and yet, we still see
A generation full of complacent young faces
Racist, aimless, painless, place-less

We try to avoid pain so they go seeking more pain
Cover their bodies in war paint, ignore pain
What has gotten into these children, that makes them so
Unforgiving? Make me think of my little siblings

They could be getting beaten up, nobody speaking up
Neither the villains nor the victims, and everyone's a witness
All in the same position thinking, how do we discipline a
culture full of vultures.. who will pray on anyone who seems

Remotely vulnerable, they don't need a motive
They just need to feel like they're the ones in control of
The world and the way that it's rolling, and they hate to be
told what, To do but we have to start to hold them

Accountable for what is wrong and, what is moral
Otherwise were leading them on, to thinking that the world is
Lawless, filled with empty threats and promises
And for the rest of us, the future's looking ominous..

How did they become so dominant?
See an ounce of fear they exploit it and harness it
Witnesses choose to remain anonymous
How did they become so dominant?

(to be continued..)


released April 5, 2014
produced by The Unbeatables



all rights reserved


Steve Young New York, New York

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