Everybody But Me

from by Steve Young

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Oh, look at that, another friend getting married
Look at that another friend became a parent
And there’s one, just got a full-time job and so he gloats,
Over a-hundred likes on that post..

Now tell me why I give a fuck about a status?
(Cause you're bartending while your friends are climbing social ladders)
But I’m following my dream, why am I so envious?
(Because your friends get paid vaca, and they get benefits)

Lost in false emptiness, I’m ignoring my sentiments
Self-doubt becomes venomous; the deadliest
(Hmmmm..) So while I’m sitting in my room
I think of all the things I could be doing..

I could be watching as flic (I could be down at the bar)
I could be dating a chick (be at a nice restaurant)
I could be driving up north (to the place where I was born)
Hang with my friends even if there's nothing going on

So while there are so many different places that I could be in
Four walls, a floor, and a ceiling are caving me in,
Sitting at my big desk with a bright light to see and
That’s the price I pay for following my dream and

I feel more comfortable alone..
Either that or in a room that’s fully crowded
Because, either way..
Either way, no one can hear me when I’m shouting

I scream.. From the bottom of my lounges
When I’m on stage, and the people give me love
They say the squeaky wheel gets the oil, but if that’s the case..
How easily can that wheel be replaced?

I do appreciate, all the support that I get
Even if sometimes it’s here one day and then gone the next
At the end of that day, I’ll still lay down to dream
Even if I’m the only one who believes..


I swore that I would never work from, inside a cubicle
Working on my computer from home is more suitable
These walls are closing in, though, or maybe I’m delusional
Out of anxiety bite the skin around my cuticle

I sometimes forget this is a game of patience..
The goals I’m achieving are not as tangible
And I apologize for any misplaced frustrations,
Just know I’m in it to win it, but these delusions of grandeur keep

Occupying my mind, like, as if the shit was Wall Street
Sometimes my passion comes across as being salty
I can't get these demons off me! I guess I’ll bring em along with me,
We made it this far haven't we?

Besides.. What is light without darkness?
What is soft without hardness?
The same thing that plentiful is without sparseness
The same thing that art is without the artist,

In my twenties, I'm learning what my drive is,
The things that I’m prioritizing, reminding myself
That if my lane isn't the same yours, I'm doing this for me,
I do it for the glory!



from An Opportune Displacement, released January 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Steve Young New York, New York

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