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I wake up feeling groggy, unsure,
but I know what the world holds, and so I roll, over thinking..
The day is just an empty mug, and I love thinking
about all the potential,
I can do, whatever I put my head to

Just met a girl and she's like a cup of coffee,
Running through my mind when I'm walking,
Not a dull moment, no yawning
Never liked the stuff but now I can't get up off it!

Releasing my endorphins, and it happens often
Feeling on top of the world, that's why you see me on my
Tippy toes: dancing, at work: dancing,
grocery: dancing, whenever she's close to me: dancing.

In the shower singing, flowers: I’m bringing,
Met her at the door and I kissed her,
Wore a puffy dress like a coffee filter, she's a drip
I’m loving that coffee can I have another sip?

(wrap me, in your arms, I can't feel it but..)
But the coffee's getting cold, we've been sitting too long
(rock me, in your arms, I can't feel it but..)
Tell me will you take a sip when the steam and the foam's all gone..


They say the first cut is the deepest, then how come every time
I find love I find a way to redefine the word deepness
From the get-go, you left me speechless, rarer than a comet
Had to take a bite to find that life's box of chocolate

Heard love is like a cup of coffee, first you wanna spill the beans,
Nervous and tweaking, freaking and shaking
But it feels so good when the hearts vibrating
.. And then there comes the love making

You're so Effervescent, Enthusiastic and Eccentric
So, Honey, it’s no wonder why I fall in love with ease (E's)
Always put me in a good mood so, even if I'm angry,
Think of you and it’s like I'm saying cheese

But the picture don't fit the frame.. No more
Or maybe we overcomplicate.. Oh boy
Plus this love has grown stagnant, we used to be a magnet
We've grown complacent, and I'm not having it!

So what do we do when the coffee's luke warm in the Winter?
Shit, how do we begin to heat things up so that this love can continue
Its like what do we do when its Spring and there's lightning and thunder?
Fuck it, throw some ice cubes in the coffee, and now it’s Summer

(wrap me, in your arms, I can't feel it but..)
Wanna fill it up, but I may have to give it up
(rock me, in your arms, I can't feel it but..)
Can't get enough and so it’s on to the next cup
Get up..


It seems like it’s the end but it’s never been the end before,
So how would i know (repeat)
She was the best part of waking up, was the best, was the best part of waking up
Now it seems like we’re breaking up, now it seems, now it seems like we’re breaking up (repeat)

So how did we go, from yesterday when you would express-yo
Deepest feelings like, you were telling Geppetto..
No lie. Now it’s like were playing Nintendo,
Except these two player games aren't working anymore,

So the cartage we blow, trying to make a spark
A cappuccino with the milk shaped like a heart,
And when things were steaming up, I realized that "one more"
Shot of espresso, will never be enough

I said, Sweetie, there’s no way to sugarcoat this
But things have gotten dark, now I don't mean to seem hopeless
I think we oughta go our separate ways, I think were on the same page,
As far as that goes, love has many stages and

As ours begins to plateau, I say this comfortably,
I’m not the cup for you, and you’re not the cup for me
You get a rise out of me, but then comes the crash
That's not how love oughta be, if we wanna last

And so I'm moving on from Coffee, we took a chance,
But things aren't always what they seem at first glance
I said, I’m moving on, Coffee, don't be judging me
I just met a girl, and she seems like my cup of tea….

(wrap me, in your arms, I can't feel it but..)
The best and the worst parts about love are falling
(rock me, in your arms, I can't feel it but..)
But after 500 days of Summer comes the Autumn


from An Opportune Displacement, released January 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Steve Young New York, New York

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