The 6​.​05 Mixtape

by Steve Young

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The 6.05 Mixtape is a celebration of my featured performance at 2nd State Lounge in Philly on June 5th, as well as a celebration of getting my website together.

I had been working on individual songs for a little while, not really thinking about an overall theme or "album" concept. Just making music that I wanted to make.

Each of these five songs represents something that has been influencing me heavily over the past few months.. weather it be social conflict in current events, me being goofy and writing silly lyrics, me being angry and writing frustrated lyrics, or just my overall, raw, passion to make hard-hitting, entertaining music.. Whatever it is, you can find it here..
on The 6.05 Mixtape


released June 5, 2015

Mixed by Kenny for Parkhouse Studios



all rights reserved


Steve Young New York, New York

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Track Name: Camouflage
Chorus (x2):
You can’t see me even if you’re looking
There goes Steve Young hiding in the bushes

Verse 1:
Many don’t flow like this one, and I’ll be damned
If they try to stop my flow like Hoover, I’ll get you moving through the
Sewer like my name was Roto Rooter.. Thinking you’re the
Shit cause all day you hang out with manure

And all day I sit, and hang with my computer
Making beats, writing rhymes, trying to escape this prison
We create with our minds, follow the guidelines
That’s what they tell you, but I’m trying to break the lines

Recognize, damage, then destroy and remake the lines,
It’s a battle and I hate to have to take a side
But you either die an MC or live long enough to see
Yourself become the enemy..

And every day were faced with these decisions, to follow the
Path of least resistance, or instead choose a life of pleasure over
Business.. And every day I make the same choice
Two ears, two eyes, to observe and then I use my voice

Verse 2:
Ey who am i?? I be that little boy
Sitting on the floor banging pots and pans, making lots of noise
Follow me, I always speak from the heart and the brain,
But they pull in opposite so it's hard to navigate

Sometimes I follow my balls, and we go off-roading,
Or motor boating but regardless I keep the ship always
Floating.. Better than, following the money
But if that’s you keep chasing the paper man, I’m not judging

..Nor does that indicate that I’m budging
I’m sticking with.. Following my dreams and what I’m loving
And while following is still the subject of discussion
You better get on my coattails were going bungee jumping

Off the Burj Khalifa, but I’m cut from a different sleev-a
So I cut my bungee cord I'm 'bout to fall somebody help me!
But first (let me take a selfie)

Always looking..
Good like Valencia, x-pro II, or Mayfair
Or maybe no filter, hash tag that
Meanwhile your man is looking like a 1980 Saints fan,
He got to brown bag that

Verse 3:
Listening to this you wouldn’t expect it to be a white rapper
Especially when you see him looking so dapper, that color
Doesn’t matter, come on people, can’t you listen
Its two and thousand fifteen, you gotta be coming with it!

The world is changing.. We’ve seen so much, and now we
Know that white men can jump, and they can beat on or get
Beaten on, and black folk can vote and read along and
The gays can get married, that used to be a

Joke, but now, we know its wrong demeaning
Others for the notes we carry we each can sing our own song
I’m blasting mine.. A white boy that raps to pass the time
Ever since the Beastie Boys it seems that pigs can fly

Were all the same.. Whether you’re broke or rich, you die
All that’s left is the legacy you choose to leave behind
So let me remind, you what I’m doing on this earth
I’m bringing people together and I’m here to serve as

Testimony to the fact you can’t be judging a book by the flap
Because I dress like an architect, but when you hear me rap
You say, "Man, I think this kid is really on to something"
So call me camouflage because they never see it coming

Track Name: Black & Blue (feat. Brittany Ramaglia & Danny Varughese)
Verse 1:
They don't understand my profession
They’re the reason why I’m walking around with this weapon
And they don’t understand what I’ve been through
I’m so fortunate for all the things that I’ve lived through

I’ve seen my friends DIE by their hands, got no chance
Out here, it gets grizzly when they bear arms, we have war
Stories to tell, me and my brothers we share scars
We share a history, and they don’t share ours

I wonder if they day comes to sacrifice the first born
If we don’t make a move to kill theirs then would they spare ours?
I doubt it. Humility? They don’t know a thing about it
Lost in the shrine of your lies you’re so clouded

Stomp me out to the curb but don’t get blood on your boots
My friend pulls out a camera now that’s a reason to sue,
Him for obstruction of justice, while I’m screaming “don’t shoot!”
You’ve got your elbow in my neck "I can’t breathe", I can’t breathe

I can’t breathe, stifling, and still you take out your rifle and,
Put that cold nozzle right between my chattering teeth
(I can’t breathe) and still Fox News will blame it on me
Find some blemish in my past or my people's history

They say it's due to repeat, so when I put on my hood
They say I'm nothing but some thug who ain't up to no good
No value to society, so we get a bad name
Our reputation is tarnished for what we’ve done in the game
I can’t change..


Verse 2:
... They don’t understand my hustle
They’re the reason why I’m so terrified in this jungle
And they don’t understand what I’ve been through
I’m so fortunate for all the things that I’ve lived through

I’ve seen my friends DIE by their hands, so now the new
Steps to this dance are shoot first or get shot, if they
Move a muscle, probably reaching for a gun
Fire a few "warning" rounds, make sure he doesn’t get up

Damn, we killed another one.. I was just doing what I was trained to do
If I see you move, my weapons drawn and then I aim at you
In the past you’ve been known to act violent when
Intimidated.. So now I make sure that I act first, initiate it

Now they start filming, raising their voices in out of fear,
I wonder how they'd react if the scenario were reciprocated
Enforcing the law, is my job after all, but they make me
Out to be a bigot or some slave master awww!

Hell naw, he touched my uniform I’m beating you down,
Oh now you’re frightened, I could murder you and not get indicted
(I can’t breathe!) And B-E-T will blame it on me
Find some blemish in my past or in my people's history

They say its due to repeat, and Rodney King's where it starts
They think I’m nothing but some hot-headed weapon with no heart
That doesn’t value society, so we get a bad name
Our reputation is tarnished for what we do in the game
I can’t change..


Verse 3:
Don’t interpret this as me, defending brutality,
I’m illustrating both perspectives and why the cycle repeats
And so before there’s another innocent casualty
That’s casually, tossed in a week, lost among other memes

I had to just speak my piece, offer some new ideas
That maybe we're all the same, when all the smoke disappears
The content of our character, it lies underneath
This exterior defeat, I know it hurts, but let's make this work

(Let's make this work)

Final Chorus:
Let’s make this work
I’ll hold you like my baby in the dark of the night
You tell me your fears and I’ll swallow my pride
Offer me your compassionate ways, oh my god
We can all get along, and who would’ve thought

Our people aren’t all that different it seems
Just a narrative perpetuated by all the scenes
I’m like you on the inside and you’re just like me
You’re a brother to me, oh won’t you take us to church!
Track Name: Eat it
Verse 1:
Who's in the kitchen, it’s the one with the fresh style
Tongue out his mouth always spitting like a reptile
Reptar breath; it’s sick and make you go “RAWR RAWR!”
Still I keep it coming with the Freshness..

Blue suede shoes I’m on my Elvis
But with less meat up on the pelvis
I do eat junk food, but I don’t get reckless
A whole bowl of Chex Mix when sitting down for breakfast

Or maybe got the Honey Nut Cheerios filling up my
Cereal bowl, or the Cocoa Puffs, they gon' fill me up
Or I might need that Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch
Even though I’m waking up at twelve and it’s after lunch

I’m the type to bring a snack to brunch
I gotta have my cake and eat it too, see that a snack for us
Big appetite like you would think I’m bringing Shaq with us
Back to brunch, sucking life from you, they call me Dracula

Me and my crew, reservation for the realest
They smile when they greet us and they mean it sincerest
See us, (ooh!!) it’s no wonder why they fearing it
Hit you with a hot pan quick like I was searing it


Verse 2:
Back to the griddle cause you know it’s after breakfast
And I got a couple hot tracks up on the set list (the menu)
Gold plated pork belly hanging from the necklace
Word to Fela Kuti cause the shit was expensive!

Redonculous. See what you be seeing?
I bet they gon' be groveling at every menu option
“But I’m vegan..” F-you it’s strictly meat up on the menu
But everyone's a VIP they all get treated special!

(Ooh, ooh, ooh!) As I was saying, hand me your thigh, love,
I’m about to brine that and hit you with the dry rub
Throw it in the smoker at two hundred and fifty degrees
“How long?” Be patient please! It takes time, love!

Take a hot bath with some green like a blanched that
I don’t smoke weed, cancel that, “Can we get the greens on the side?”
Yes you can, but after they’re blanched
I gotta go and hit them with the buttermilk ranch, got damn!


Verse 3:
Now to the cocktail bar, you know were drinking it
Champaign flutes in the air while were clinking it!
Yes I got that vodka; swig it in a water bottle
And that top shelf tequila, Cabo Wabo make you wobble

Got gin, “You got tonic?” Yes, Mami, are you with me?
Cause I’m ‘bout to introduce you to my main man, Whiskey
Now Miss Lewinsky, she’s sucking down that Bill Clinton
But I make the, best Manhattan this side of the Mason-Dixon

And if you’re, really with me we can move on to dessert
Cause I know you, got more room in there although your tummy's hurt
I got that, flow like molten chocolate lava cake, on the plate,
I’m in the pocket, like them dolla’s, in your wallet, bout to be up on the table

When I drop the bill and.. “What’s the damage at?” I got to thank ya,
Steve Young, I’m your waiter, Hope I see you next time,
I’ll see ya later! “Fourty percent sales tax?!”
I got to go! And don’t forget to take all your to-go bags!

Track Name: He is Hungry
Steve's Verse:
Don’t mind Steve, he's just hungry
That’s why he might get upset when you come at him saying..
(Are you single? Are you trying to date?)
I lost a girl I loved because I didn’t have the time to date!

Cause while she was there laying in my bed,
I would come home late for work just to sit at my desk
Working on another beat, editing a sample
Writing lyrics down even though I have a handful

Of notes written in my pad questioning the answers
And a handful of things I gotta do that I didn’t plan for
Too busy working on my image and my sound
So my girl left me when I thought she’d always be around

‘til the end though.. It’s all good were still friends though,
But I wish she was around when my feelings start to get low
It wasn’t fair to give her half my heart that was abusive
And anyway, now I give all of my heart to music

Cause that is my baby and I will make her my bitch
I’ll do everything I can until I make it in this,
Business, so hungry my stomach is eating my spare
ribs-es, no sympathy for the dreamless

Cut from a different sleeve, I’m no seamstress..
.. Pardon me if I seem stressed, but I’m a
King and I have no time to be looking for a queen yet
If you don’t have a dream than I question your priorities

If you don’t have a dream than I question your priorities
.. so hungry my stomach is eating my spare
ribs-es, no sympathy for the dreamless

Cut from a different sleeve, I’m no seamstress..
.. Pardon me if I seem stressed, but I’m a
King and I have no time to be looking for a queen yet
If you don't have a dream than I question your priorities

Youngin's verse:
Don’t mind Youngin, he's just hungry
That’s why he might get upset when you come at him saying..
(Hey Youngin, I saw you on tinder,
Can you sleep over this weekend?) Bitch, I’m not sleeping!

I’m always working, whether it be at Percy Street
Or working my game when I’m flirting with the beat
Music; the only one that I’ll be making babies with
And the only one I wanna hear screaming my name and shit

J. Cole proclaimed the shit, if brothers chase a craft instead of chasing
ass they could be famous and rich
I’m paraphrasing a bit, but the point is still valid
So you get it, I’d rather bust a nut with my talent…

.. I’ll take the game and bend her backwards,
Fuck all the other rappers.. Ill rip off her clothes and while she’s
laying there butt naked and helpless in my mattress
I’ll grip those fat thighs and let my battleship capsize

Like the crane game, I’ll keep reaching until I win a prize
Victory or death before demise
Failure is not an option, so until my heart thumping is beat-less,
It's no sympathy for the dreamless

Cut from a different sleeve, I’m no seamstress..
.. Pardon me if I seem stressed, but I’m a
King and I have no time to be looking for a queen yet
If you don’t have a dream than I question your priorities


Eighty's verse:
Don’t mind Eighty, he's just hungry
That’s why he might get upset when you come at him saying..
(Why aren’t you on social media being aggressive?)
Bitch I’m working on the music trying to be a legend

Before I get to heaven, I wanna have an impressive
Resume for when I die and finally meet Tupac
The music I’m brewing will be too hot, you know I always
Finish Through the Line, I’m getting worried about where you stop

You’re worried about me, huh? And me being active in the
Social media, well if you’re not living out your dream,
You just worry about the hand that’s feeding ya..
You’re already feeling defeated, huh?

To you, you got your work and then you got some hobbies
All work, no play, nine to five jobbies
Well listen to this on your lunch break with your salad
I got my career, my hobby, my love, and my passion

All wrapped in one, still making time for fun
Age is how you feel and I’m always feeling Young
The day is still Young, will always be Young
So I’m sleepless.. No sympathy for the dreamless

Cut from a different sleeve, I’m no seamstress..
.. Pardon me if I seem stressed, but I’m a
King and I have no time to be looking for a queen yet
If you don’t have a dream than I question your priorities

Track Name: Heavy Traffic in the City of Dreams
Verse 1:
Keep your eyes peeled in this stop and go, trying not to slow
Still going everywhere they tell me not to go
And while the po-lice try to frisk us, they missed us,
Cause we can run red lights like them with no blinkers

No “tinkers”, meaning there's no “bells”, there's no sound..
We move in silence so you don't notice us in the crowd
But at night.. While you sleep we come out like freaks
All the believers stay awake just, following our dreams

See that's why everything ain’t what it seems..
Because the realism be trying to kill us in our sleep
Try to bound us by a cubical but ain’t no telling what an
Animal will do to you when put into a corner

And this is just a warning, honey bees are going extinct
Were still swarming, were still flying, still climbing
Stepping on each other trying to get to the top of the trees
That's why there's Heavy Traffic in the City of.. DREAMS


Verse 2:
We wake up in the morning, just to dream once more while the
World is still snoring, still head on a pillow,
Still misled thinking the world is so simple
That I should get an office job.. But I’m still not convinced though!

"They’re raking in the dough while they’re working off comish-though"
But I’m looking for something bigger so you can ‘call me Ishmael’
I’m just trying to seize the day, even if I’m slinging BBQ fries,
I’m getting paid, at least I can say I tried

Reluctantly I worked a nine-to-five, but it slowed my stride,
So from that stain I had “to-go” like tide
With a degree to fall back on, rap became my platform
Now I’m on stages, I elevated past the ground floor

Post-graduates looking for work with such confusion
So Justin and I are leading the New Year’s revolution
Forever Young as long as were learning, making improvements
We’re the leaders of the new school, but in life were still students

And it’s crazy they got detectors, but there’s still school shootings
Wearing personal ID badges but still considered units
Being monitored and studied like animals in the zoo and
Debating army saluting over that, college recruitment

And so there’s still soldiers taking fire from behind "sandbag-ins"
And everyone’s so quick to jump on bandwagons
Doing ice bucket challenges but not knowing what’s the reason
Are we living out our dreams or are we too busy sleeping??


"Used to be just a little kid, and it's surprising
How I took my dream and threw it in the air and now I’m flying.." (x4)

Verse 3:
I’ve been thinking a lot about my grandpa,
And if he had the chance to see what I am now,
I know he wouldn’t approve of what I’m doing,
He just wouldn’t understand now, (he just wouldn’t understand!)

But what I’m doing is for a purpose I just need him to trust me,
Grandpa, if you’re listening, then please just trust me
I know I left a stable job to work in a restaurant,
But I appreciate that money for college it helped a lot

I’ll put my eggs in this basket and do my best when I’m rapping
And I know I may make mistakes, but I’ll learn and then I’ll move past it
I swear on your casket that one day you’ll see my vision
I won’t let you down, contrarily, I’ll make you proud

Though you’re up above me now, I know one day you’ll understand
I know you wouldn’t approve but one day you’ll think it’s grand
That I took this chance, and took what you thought was inconceivable
Then you’ll see my dream as everything but unbelievable..

One day you’ll look down and say what I’ve done is unbelievable...