It's Gonna Be Okay

by Steve Young

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when times are looking like the darkest and the grimmest,
there's ALWAYS a brighter sky somewhere off in the distance
It's Gonna Be Okay..

"It's Gonna Be Okay" means:
optimism and thinking positive when times are tough.
embracing struggle.
acknowledging the difficulties of a situation, and conscientiously making the best possible decision.
the will to prevail through adversity;
which inherently leads to GROWTH.

Two years before the release of this mixtape I wrote a song called
"It's Gonna Be Okay"
It described so vividly and genuinely the things I experienced as a child when my parents were going through a divorce. Battles in court only intensified due to lack of income during the recession. This had my parents back against the ropes, but the song was my way of telling them, It's Gonna Be Okay.
And now, I'm spreading the word to all of you.
No matter what you're going through.
It could always be worse, and It"s ALWAYS Gonna Be Okay


released July 21, 2014

Songs were mixed by:
Kenny for Park House Studio
Samori Coles for Lil' Drummaboy Recordings

Album was mastered by:
Samori Coles for Lil' Drummaboy Recordings at



all rights reserved


Steve Young New York, New York

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Track Name: Find The Light
Verse 1:
The Heinz ward of hip hop, ya boy’s always smiling
You can’t bring no down no matter what I’m rising
Used to be just a little kid and it’s surprising,
how I took my dream and threw it in the air and now I’m flying

Chasing it, no matter where it goes I’ll always follow
Cause you only live once drake told me that’s the motto
And I must be getting closer to the sun I’m getting brighter
Cause I used to hate reading look at me now I’m a writer

Trying to inspire people feeling lost in the darkness
Saying you can find the light no matter how dark it is
All you gotta do is look inside, see where your heart is
Say I may be in the dark now, but I’m only at the start bitch

... and I’m getting out some day,
The light will come when you least expect it that’s what some say
But I say, you can make it bright any time you like
With positive energy every day is Fresh Monday


Verse 2:
Above average lifestyle, living above the means
But then that safety blanket fell apart at the seams
Reality check when that job laid you off, but you would
Piece that blanket back together never giving up

You started a small group called the "Unemployed Optimists"
Life coaching them, not even asking for a profit and
You always had a way of helping people see the positives
The group grew and channel 12 news gave you acknowledgement

That’s what happens when you have a dream and you follow it
Get it in your hands and grip it tight, you’re never droppin’ it
Red light after red light, but never would you stop
And now you’re working 9 to 5 it’s a job, but it’s a job!

When I was little before going to sleep every night, I told you
the best part of my day, you always helped me Find The Light
You went to NYU and dropped out to marry daddy,
But it was meant to be without that you never would've had me


Verse 3:
Mom and dad I know your lives are going in a wrong way
but just stay hopeful I’ll take care of you someday
remember when I once said...
It’s Gonna Be Okay

I was living in the darkness by myself for a while
But I couldn't help but look up at the sky and start to smile
We’ll never know what’s out there, or what could exist
What is my purpose? When will it make sense?

All I know is that I’m not facing my future with a frown
Will I fulfill my destiny? I’ll find out when I find out
Immortal view of a dreamer doing what I’m born to do
I see the blue sky and say the lord is coming through…


Life can be a crazy roller coaster at times
But I’ll always appreciate the people riding with me
I thank you for joining me along this journey
It’s Gonna Be Okay..
Track Name: When the Smoke Clears
Verse 1:
Laying in bed, with a cast on my leg
Feeling like Batman watching Gotham city burn to the ground,
and while everybody in the town cries
I’m just trying to climb out of this hole in the ground and rise

And it seems like every time I get up, I get knocked back down
But I’m a fucking warrior, I cannot back down
So I get up, feeling like my leg’s about to burst
This cast is pressing on my black and blues, I’m bruised but it could be worse

At least I still have one leg to stand on
And my arms won’t let me down; in fact they’ll grow stronger
And at least I have a health insurance plan on..
And with all our medical advances they don’t have to chop my leg off

I’m just thinking about the present, but when I unwrap this cast
I’ll be like a locomotive moving full speed, full blast
All out, no holds barred, killing it, all day, remember
It can always be worse and it’s always gonna be okay

I know it’s tough but (you gotta keep fighting)
Say you’ve had enough (but you gotta keep fighting)
But- Don’t give me that, I’ve seen you make it through the fire
And when the smoke cleared you were standing there defiant
So when they try to hold you down (you just, you just)
Keep that head up (and what, and what)
And when the.. Smoke Clears you’ll be standing there still

Verse 2:
I have a thesis to work on, and a girl I’ve been neglecting
And I’m laying here resting? How can I be so selfish?
Before that break I was getting it all done: hustling
But the world didn’t stop that day, no it was just me

And it’s so damn flustering, to watch the whole world passing
I haven’t left my house in two weeks I’m just sitting in this cast and
The architecture work doesn’t stop for a minute
No matter your condition, you have to stay in it

And for four and a half years I put that work before my body
No eating or sleeping, working without stopping
But for now I just have to be patient, no pun intended
Gotta take care of my body while my leg is mending

Cause when I’m all healed, I told you, no holds barred
And when the smoke clears, I may come out a little bit charred
But remember, with every day it’ll get a little better
And when that smoke clears you’ll be a bigger warrior than ever


Verse 3:
Walking past people on my crutches I avoid eye contact
Or else hit me with sympathies like a move in mortal combat
Killing me every time they tell me "get better soon"
As if I weren’t trying to..

I’ve never been one to ask for help, so I hate it when they
Hit the handicapped button when I can open the door myself
Friends are asking me if I regret taking gymnastics class
But I don’t regret a thing when looking back at the past

Because the only thing I messed up was the landing on that
Front handspring, if I could go back I wouldn’t re-plan things
Cause a big part about growing up and being a man is
Accepting your mistakes if things don’t go how you planned it

See life is like a tree and from the moment you’re planted,
You’ll go through great summers as well as broken branches
And after each winter you have more rings than the last
And when a branch break off, you’ll grow at least ten back

Adjusting to the bumps and the bruises in the road is the only way to survive..
Stay positive or die
So I came back from those two weeks of taking a rest
and it was like I never left, you see all that work on my desk!

And there were kids who thought I wouldn’t be able to finish my thesis
But I fuckin’ murdered that thing, its six feet in the ground sleeping
In that cold winter it’s hard to envision springing back
But like a bow and arrow the more they pull the string back the further you fly..
Stay positive or die


Verse 4 (outro):
Just like a bow and arrow, when they pull that string back a little
Farther, I’m heading for that target even harder
No fear, even if this arrow’s heading for a boulder
Cause obstacles are made with intention of being hurdled over
Track Name: Popular
Verse 1:
Now some girls crave chocolate, she craved the attention
Cash in her wallet, but she’s never gotta spend it
Cause the high-heel stilettos, got money sticking all over her
Body like Velcro, and the glitter in her eyes

Got the boys dreaming, seeing stars in the sky
Throwing out their money like it was a fad going out of style
Only took a few dollars to make her bounce to the beat
And flash a few more and shell snatch you out your seat

Broken record love every night the same event,
she was the main event the reason that the people came and said ‘you’re the most (popular) girl working at the venue’
New York strip steak the hottest item on the menu

Started out part time saving money for college
Wanted to be a doctor but dropped out because studying wasn't
(Popular) now she operates in that back room
Making friends with her patients anything to stay


Verse 2:
Some boys want respect, some boys are looking for love
Some want money, power, fame, and some want all the above
And this one in particular was looking for the recipe
On how to be like the ones he looked up to like they’re celebrities

Not on the tele-V, more like the ones on the block selling
Specialties: jewelry, sex and weed, and even weaponry
Falsified identity; he threw away his paint brush,
It’s crazy where our misguided minds can take us

Put on a disguise to cover what really makes us
In search of desires that blind and seem to taint us
(popular) that’s what he wanted more than anything
Saw the entrepreneurs on the block and began selling things

Then became a crook; at the bar picking pockets
Blowing up like rockets cause in the hood narcotics were so
(popular) Now he’s back to entertaining
His fellow inmates are always raving about his paintings


Verse 3:
Now, she was one of those Michael Jordan sportin',
Hall corridor haltin’ wherever she walkin',
causing traffic jams from people stopping, and staring, and gawking
But having power like that can almost be daunting when you’re

(Popular) from all the outfits you’re flaunting
And he was one of the guys that would be Facebook stalking
Not the popular type, see he was kind of shy
But he could light up the room whenever he opened his mind

But he never opened his mouth, they never gave him a chance,
They weren't fans of the particular brand on his pants
But if they gave him attention.. Ooooooh they would see
What a character he was, but cursed by his shy tendency

And if they looked at him maybe he’d see himself better
With a higher self-esteem he then decides to dress better
Then he’d be just like the girl, so full of beautiful thoughts
But everyone seemed to focus on their beautiful cloth
Oh to be.. (Popular)
Track Name: The First Time
Verse 1:
Damn, this whole experience is new to me,
I've always had feelings for girls, love and fear usually
I don’t know how to flirt, and if I say something I think sounds slick
How do I know if it worked?

How do I read this girls brain? I've never even met her
We've been talking on AIM, never even seen a picture
But I call her on the phone and her voice sounds cute,
I’m trying to hook up for the first time I gotta make a move

Go over her house, set up a movie in the basement
But the Fast and Furious isn't why my heartbeats racing
Put my arm around her, that’s what I’m supposed to do right?
She says ‘let me dim down the light’

Damn, heart beating faster than Paul Walker in a Toyota Supra
I should make the first move, huh?
Before I found a moment, felt her kissing my cheek
So I turned and kissed her back, feels like I can’t even breath!

Damn, can’t nothing compare
To the first time, we. Met up right here
It was just me and you and I didn't know what to do
Just a little kid and this was all so new, to me
The first time, we
The first time
The first time

Verse 2:
You come by Sarah's locker after school every day
And we exchange a few words, I pretend I have some game
At this point I've gotten to know a little bit about flirting,
but I’m still learning

And one day Sarah tells me that you kind of have a little crush on me,
so I start blushing see
cause I think you’re really cute and I kind of like you too
so were gonna do what any other high school kids would do

Were set to hang out and I’m so anticipating
I make it to the door when my heart starts racing
We’re in the basement, watching save the last dance
I open the condom wrapper, you unbutton my pants and I’m so shaking...

As you climb on top I know I’m about to
have my first experience in love making
It’s in, and my thing begins to swim
In and out so slow and its over so quick, I reminisce

Can’t nothing compare
To the first time, we. Met up right here
It was just me and you and I didn't know what to do
Growing up a little more but it’s still so new, to me
The first time, we
The first time
The first time

Verse 3:
So nervous shaking on the way to you place
First time going on a real first date
I’m dressed real sharp and you’re looking so beautiful
Those eyes invite me in as usual

Dinner is fabulous, and afterwards, we go driving
all around town just talking and laughing-and
I feel the magic happening, were at your house watching TV
... Then were dancing horizontally

And as we lay there, our bodies intertwined
I suddenly look down to see our hands interlocked
I feel a warmth coming from our hands as the source
Spreading through my body with a deadly force...

But it feels so good to me, new to me, cause I was getting
Used to the cold then your hand was there to hold
I could’ve stayed staring at our hands there forever
A first time for everything it keeps getting better, my gosh

Can’t nothing compare
To the first time, we. Met up right here
It was just me and you and I didn't know what to do
Every day I grow but the world is still so new, to me
The first time, we
The first time
The first time

Track Name: Should've Never Started This (feat. S.A.M.I. & Joe Gal)
Verse 1:
Relationship's a war, I kick in the door
Waving a 44, all heads to the floor
But I should’ve been waving a white flag,
cause now if I sent you a message I know you wouldn't write back

Should’ve just taken a loss, should’ve considered the cost
scars on my body from tears that never wipe off
And I’ll never get clean, I can’t seem to remove the
Sand particles in my hair from cheating on you in Aruba

A war-like maneuver you send shots back my way
And I’m sitting in my bunker about to throw a grenade
As I remove the pin I think of back in the day
This wars been going so long, I can’t take back all the pain

I take a look in your face, and you’re about to attack
Got a grenade in my hand, I throw and you throw it back
Trying to rekindle the flame, I throw the bomb the other way
And somehow, it still goes up and blows in my face
I’m saying..

(Chorus: S.A.M.I. and Joe Gal)
Ever since the day that I met you,
The day you blew me away
I knew that I would not regret you
And I wish that never changed
But now I can’t forget you
It’s time for me to have my say
I’m marching on like a soldier,
Hey (boy/girl) it’s been nice to know ya

Verse 2:
I was told, act according to the season you were born in
I was born in autumn that’s why I’m always falling
I fell for my girlfriend, then fell for another girl
I wish I could make it up, but we ran out of Cover-girl

I Should’ve never started this, should’ve never started this
I’m a lover and a fighter so I’m always parting with,
The ones I love, the ones I thought my future would be starting with
But we were a team, we both played a part in this

I admit I started it, fighting when the sky is dark
waking up the next morning back to sitting at the park
But when the sun is going down, that’s when Youngin's coming out
it’s like I’m shooting at your heart until my gun is running out

As I’m reloading, you see you have an opportunity
Return the favor take that flame, and then you get to shooting me
Now I’m in my bunker, a grenade in my hand
Thinking what’s the use I pull the pin and drop it where I stand


Verse 3:
Is it possible to rewrite a play after the drama
Is it possible to get a fresh start after the trauma
Wishing for a clean slate like a criminal that stole your
Heart but what a mistake I lost it in all of the hate

The horns are playing for me like a fallen soldier,
your tears have become so corrosive to me burning at my shoulder
No more place for you to cry I think it’s time we say goodbye
Before this war gets out of hand, let’s just say it’s over

I know you always said your "home was in my heart and in my hands",
but now it’s like a never ending battle for the land
So what’s the difference, between me letting you in and you invading..
Right now it seems like the same thing

And if I try to enter yours you think I’ll try to harm you
How can I get to your heart when its wrapped in armor
I wish we could just have a fresh start..
But then we draw our guns I guess we’ll be fighting ‘til death do us part
I’m saying..

(chorus – outro)
Track Name: The Villain Anthem
Verse 1 (Youngin):
Steve don’t you see it’s so foolish trying to oust me
I’m the fire in your heart that never will be doused see
I’m that black hole in the corner of your brain that takes
every good intention of yours and throws it down the drain

I’m the reason why you cause women so much pain
and when it’s a little cloudy I’m the one that adds the rain
The insult to injury, your thoughts were so conflicted see
I mixed the sugar with the spice and took out EVERYTHING that’s nice

Now that black hole is growing fast as infestation
But don’t just blame me, I’m your minds own creation
And I’ll never leave, don’t you see, me and you are meant to be
Dueling ‘til the end of time, it’s our fateful destiny

You’re never getting rid of me, HAH! You must be kidding me
Once a villain always a villain, and you do it viciously
Willingly, see you created me then decided that you hated me
Such a protagonist but you’ll always be just second best


Verse 2 (Youngin/Steve):
Second best you’re so pathetic, don’t you see you gotta get over it
Keeping that heartbreak in your mind is never going to settle it
The best way to get over someone is getting under someone else
That’s what me and you will do; cure that heartbreak in your chest

First of all let’s get some drinks, that always helps you think clearly
Alcohol and estrogen; I always like to have them near me
Shut your mouth! I’ll do the talking, I can’t keep these women off me
I’m the lust and you’re the love, an incredible team, don’t you agree?

Never Youngin’ I’ll take you out, remove you from my heart and brain
And when you’re gone the rain will clear, there’ll be no shadow in mirror
Just me, optimism, when Youngin’s gone, no one will miss him
And you can take that black hole with you, not a fighter but I swear ill hit you

Dead serious not fucking with you, when you’re gone no one will miss you
Youngin, you have been so foolish, letting me on this track was stupid
You’re the best at being a villain, but I’m the best at lyricism
So I’m the one that’s taking charge, rip your ass up out my heart


Verse 3 (Steve/Youngin):
Rip your ass up out my heart, Squeezing you into a jar
Throw it out the window to a desert neither near or far
And when no longer you exist, my feelings will no longer mix
There’ll be no reason to dispute my thoughts will no longer conflict

R-i-p to Youngin now, R-i-p to the villain now
Steve don’t you see.. There is no you if there is no me
We’re the contrast juxtaposed we are what you’re supposed to be
Composed to be, you’re made for me!
I’ll kill you Youngin, wait and see..

Track Name: The Love Story (anything is possible)
Verse 1:
I got a little story that’s very sweet
About a boy and girl who found destiny
They grew up in a small town yes indeed
The corner of blossom and cherry street

Is where they first met, where they first locked eyes
Sat down together for their first bus ride
Elementary school, all about the chocolate milk
In the lunch room, but he would give it up for her

He thought she was so special specially that brown hurr
Especially the way it flowed long down there
And she loved the way that he would always have a smile on
Grinning ear to ear it seemed like it was a mile long

The years went by and the two were really clicking,
Soon enough they started dating and I know what you’re thinking
Steve, it’s too good to be true, stop teasing me
It’s funny sometimes things just work out real easily

Once upon a time, there was a little (boy)
And once upon a time, there was a little (girl)
The girl loved the (boy) and the boy loved the (girl)

Verse 2:
(giggling) ooh stop that it tickles
Laying in the bed on a Saturday morning
He blows real soft on her neck so she giggles
(he says I love when you attack me without giving a warning)

You catch me off guard, I don’t know how to respond
But to squeeze you in my arms, and kiss you so hard
And now were just lounging with nothing to do
Got nothing on my mind, sorry, nothing but you

I love what you’re doing with your hair recently
.. She says I love the way you noticed easily
I’m so glad I found you, and that you found me
I can’t recall what life was like without you around me

And I can’t wait to marry you, yes indeed
Ill grow old, you’ll grow old right next to me
A couple so sweet, in love so deep
He kisses on her cheek and they go back to sleep


When I was young, my daddy told me the story in the chorus
Fiction or not, I believed it was achievable
I’m not new to love, though I explore it like a tourist
And the words in these verses seem barely even dream-able

Every day couples fight, and it’s so tragic
That hearing a story like this seems like magic
But anything is possible if you have an open mind
Like I did when I listened to my dad as a child

(dad outro)
Track Name: A.D.D.
Verse 1:
and I make ‘em feel Y-O-U-N-G
Thank you to anyone thinkin’ about me
And fuck you if you’re thinkin’ you can stop me

Cause I go.. Through the red lights and
I don’t.. Ever get frightened
Unless I see the blue and red sirens
Especially coming from behind me

But anyway, back to the matter at
Hand, I’m hotter than a pan
So drop it like it’s hot, even if it’s not warm
I’ll make it pop like microwave popcorn

Best served with a side order of butter
And you must be crazy if you’re thinking you can find another
Person that’s as close to the line of insanity
Without crossing over it and still can bring the clarity

And still keep it going, going, going, like a battery
But tell me stop at any point you start to get mad at me
I’ll tell you fuck you and say excuse my profanity
You prob’ly think this song is about you that’s some vanity


I speak myself up, the flow is impeccable
I’d eat myself up, but the flow is not edible
In love with every girl I meet I’m easily attracted
A.D.D. I’m easily di--

What was I saying? I don’t remember
Oh yea I was saying how I’m born in November
Making me a Scorpio you know I’m real emotional
That’s why I love the game and why I’m so devotional

Twooooo in love can make it
Take my heart and please don’t break it
Music, I’m so in love with you
And I love your daughter hip-hop she’s really cool too

I wish I could make love to both of you
But the family reunion would be uncomfortable
You've been playing with boys you should be playing with men
A.D.D. What was I saying again?

(outro – break it down)
Track Name: Piece of Mind
Verse 1:
You love me so much, I bet you love fucking me,
I mean fucking with me stringing me along you love tugging me
I hate what you do to me; you’re stressing my brain,
When I know you broke my heart and I can never love you the same

As I used to, but it seems that I've grown used to you
Now I need you around me all the time it’s so crucial
To my health, I tell you to stay away and you get mad at me
But I keep you close enough so I don’t cross the line of insanity

Truth is, I love being friends with you and I’m trying
But if I said I didn't wanna be more than that, I’d be lying
So there’s internal conflict in my brain and this anguish
Were on a different page it’s like we speak a different language

You love me as a friend, and I love you as more than that
To you it’s just a dance, but to me, it’s so much more than that
It’s all of that, you used to be my everything and I know one day I’ll
Be fine, but for now I just can’t get you off my mind

Every time I check my phone I’m thinking that it’s you
And I’m wrong every time and I can’t get you off my mind
Laying down in bed alone and I can’t even move, it seems I’ll
Never move on I’m trying, but can’t get you off my mind
(after everything I do, I do)
(everything I do for you, for you)
(what are you doing to me)

Verse 2:
I put everything on the line for you, hoping that forever
I’d be spending all my time with you, and what’d you do
As I laid all of my chips on the table, you gave the dice a blow
But your heart wasn't all in it so I left the table broke

And you left the table with my heart in a strangle hold
Never letting, go just letting me know, that you’re getting
Back with him, and you don’t need me anymore
Now we go, trying to piece it back together like the way it was before

(was before), back when we were only friends
But I wasn't lying when I said I’d love you ‘til the end (‘til the end)
It”s killing me, and I know it must hurt for you to hear this
But even through these lyrics there’s no way for you to feel this

The pain that I've been going through, since you said, ‘it’s over’
I had to spit these words out to give myself some closure
Get rid of negativity this heartbreak won’t define me
Growing so much through the pain you hardly recognize me, but..


Making progress I didn't think about you at all today,
But I’m thinking about you now you haven’t left my brain all the way
Still that little one percent in the corner of my memory
So insignificant but it seems it'll be the death of me

(after everything I do, I do)
(everything I do for you, for you)
(what are you doing to me)

Verse 3:
I've never really been a fan of yellow star bursts
But for some reason they taste good whenever you make my heart hurt
Maybe it’s cause they put a sour taste on my tongue
That complements the sour taste and the hatred behind my lungs

You left me in the hallway, crying on the floor
Who knew the next semester you’d be crying for some more
And I should’ve known that you would just leave me for him again
I spent two summers getting over you and you still wanna be friends??

It’s over, no longer will you keep me roller coasting
Plenty fish in the sea and you’re the deadliest catch for me
I live and I don’t regret, forgive but I won’t forget
So I won’t be mad forever when all the dust is settled

(after everything I do, I do)
(everything I do for you, for you)
(what are you doing to me)
I just had to get that out of me, I couldn't keep it quiet
For my peace of mind I had to give a piece of my mind


What are you doing to me?
Track Name: Exhale (part I)
This couple, was brutally attacked off-campus by a group of
kids, 8 to 14-year-olds with bricks
The boy, tried his best to protect them, defend them but his
Girl was hospitalized to get her teeth fixed

The scariest thing, it happened where I used to live
Hearing shit like this nearly blows my own lid
It's like that knockout game; beating up people for sport
Getting dressed for court when they can't even spell court

Remove Tom and Jerry and Ren and Stimpy due to hyper-
Sensitivity and yet, we still see
A generation full of complacent young faces
Racist, aimless, painless, place-less

We try to avoid pain so they go seeking more pain
Cover their bodies in war paint, ignore pain
What has gotten into these children, that makes them so unforgiving?
Makes me think of my little siblings

They could be getting beaten up, nobody speaking up
Neither the villains nor the victims, and everyone's a witness
All in the same position thinking, how do we discipline a
culture full of vultures, who will pray on anyone who seems remotely

vulnerable. They don't need a motive
They just like to feel like they're the ones in control of
The world and the way it's rolling, and they to be told what
To do, but we have to start to hold them

Accountable for what is wrong and, what is moral
Otherwise were leading them on to thinking that the world is lawless,
Filled with empty threats and promises
And for the rest of us, the future's looking ominous

How did they become so dominant?
See an ounce of fear, they exploit it, and harness it
Witnesses choose to remain anonymous

how did they become so dominant?
Monitor the TV to make it less violent
How has crime become so dominant?

(to be continued…)
Track Name: Submarine (interlude)
Intro (submerge):
The water and the waves came crashing down over me
So much so that I can barely even see
What are these objects floating all around in front of me?
Unable to discern what's desire and what's necessity

I can spell the word and I can say it so easily
Telling everybody I’m all about it I’m on it
It’s always harder to walk it than do the talkin’

Been using my mouth so much it’s like my feet don’t even hit the ground
I’m out at a party; you know I got to speak loud
But the loudest one in the room has got to be the broke-st
Blowing past my release date I can’t focus

So I get upset and I bottle it all inside me
How long since my last mixtape? You gotta remind me
More productive when I close myself off from the universe
I got my finger and my brain on the trigger,
which one is gonna pull it first?


Start to see the world through a new perspective,
Lens corrective, heavy-hitter rhymes is what you
Come in expecting, even better when I let it out when I’m venting,
fuck was your question??

I’m late for my due date I’m over-perfective
A man on fire, I’m just over protective
No body guards, but I cum with protection
And no our future isn't something you should invest in

My future alone is a big uncertainty
Working on that I push you further from me
Trying to get my friends online to work with me
But when I hit the shot they don’t give me the courtesy

Next question? I’m done with architecture,
I’m not going back, so don’t sit in your office chair and
Ask me what I’ll do after I've given up rap
That day will never come, I’ll be dead before that

I’m not making enough at the restaurant
And I overdraft cause I’m writing checks a lot
Health insurance, school loans, bills from ankle surgery
Account balance low so my email is alerting me

Thanks for the feedback on the music video!
But did you download the songs I dropped weeks ago?
Didn't think so.. You missed.
Keep scrolling through your news feed to find that first kiss

Or the “top twenty things to do in your twenties”,
Or “biggest things people looking back are now regretting”
Or “like this if you want to save the world,” whatever
Or read that article that will “change your life forever”

This was one of the worst winters ever
Snow on top of snow, don’t you remember
But posting a status won’t change the weather
I’ll drop this in the summer, let you know it’s getting better

Through the snow and the rain, never did I complain
Take it from me, It’s Gonna Be Okay
have a little faith in humanity, its past due
Stay positive or you’ll die, you have to

The world can seem like a depressing place
But it’s all in the way that it is portrayed
Don’t like what you see? Then you just keep scrolling
Little do you know, it’s already game over.

Not trying to change the world, just reflecting
Hoping that you see it through a different perspective
Life is hectic, too many stresses
The simple things are too often neglected

Me, as a kid, when the rain came down
A vision of gray, but what a beautiful sound
The simplest things offer the biggest enjoyment
Think of all the simple things you should be enjoying

Follow your mind for a moment in time
Relax yourself, yo-yo, unwind
We’re going to a place where nobody can find
Sink with me to the edge of your mind

Twenty thousand leagues
Follow me [repeat 8x]

Outro (resurface):
When the water and the waves came crashing down over me
The windows became so blurry that I couldn't see
But in that darkness a bright thought came over me
Alter my view of the world through the windows of my submarine

So you’re freaking out cause your whole world is now shifting, huh?
You like things how they are, and now they’re about to be different, huh?
You didn't listen when they warned you and told you not to look down below
It was frightening at first, but you saw something you never found before

Life is inconsistent, that’s the only consistency
The worst thing that you can possibly do is resist it see
Change is daunting but that change becomes so imminent,
And just like previous winters It’ll soon be spring again…
Track Name: Hope
Verse 1:
The summer’s over, back to school, back to 'I don’t know what to do'
Cause we were in love and now were trying to be friends,
We were once so close now I’m so confused
Me and you are still kind of iffy even though you made it real clear to me
That I should try to get over you, but it’s different now that you’re near to me

Cause now you see how well I treated you, always made you feel like a princess
And now you’re telling me you’re done with him, you want my loving back you really miss it
And I’ll be glad to give it back to you, cause you sound sincere and I missed you too
Thought we were done but I’m so happy, that you didn't give up you came back to me

... oh, but now you’re telling me you changed your mind
... I never knew love could be so blind -
I’m slowly getting over it cause now you’re back with him
... but it still upsets me now and then

And when it does it hurts me deep, I can’t see straight so I go to sleep
Hoping when I wake up in the morning I’ll be strong enough to stand on my feet
That’s the only thing that keeps me alive, hoping one day I’ll be alright
And I know I’m gonna find someone new, but in the meantime all I can do, is..

Hope, it comes down to me
A smile from the sky looks down on me
Warmth, it flows up through me,
When I’m cold and lonely and the world is falling on me its only that
Hope, that always keeps me going
Hope, cause I know through every low end
There’s a high that brings you back up so smile for the moment
And know the clouds will part down the road if you keep going

verse 2:
Same semester, nothin’ new, I’m living on heartbreak avenue
My heart was once so filled with red, but now it’s feeling like black and blue
I’m tryin’ to make up for the lack of you, but every week I have a heart attack or two
I can’t concentrate on anything, it’s so hard to have a positive attitude

And I have a confession, every now and then I do little things to try get your attention
Singing music when I’m in your sight, wearing clothes that you said you liked
Little things messing up my focus, the worst part about it you never notice
I’ve never felt so close to the bottom but for some reason there’s a glow inside me

Woah.. this new girl seems so amazing..
If life’s a book were on the same page, but let me not think too much
I’m always getting drunk on love but just once,
just tonight, let me drink, just enough

To get me tipsy feelin’ great, try to not think about it as a date
But she’s so special and I can’t help it, my mind keeps getting carried away
She could be the light I was hoping for, cause it was so dark just a moment ago
When one closes you open a door, and when people ask you what you’re glowing for
tell ‘em..

Track Name: Sixeighteeneleven
June 18th: I’m alone in my house in Philly
My roommates all spent the weekend in New York City
Texting Sami like, “have fun at the club, I’m going to sleep now
goodnight,” Then I turned out the light

And headed upstairs, brushing my teeth, usual routine
But it’s strange tonight, something seems a little different to me
It must be in my head, I've been watching too much TV
A guy got shot in the head on the news, it could’ve been me!

Whatever, I hit the bed, turn on the fan I’m sweating
Jot down the lyrics to a song I’m working on so I don’t forget ‘em
Damn something feels weird but I can’t put my finger on it
It’s getting late just go to sleep, try not to think about it

… I hear some popping noises outside
And it could be fire crackers or some bullets from a nine
Come on this is Philly city of brotherly love
Why would anyone shoot somebody they could give ‘em a hug

I hear some car tires screeching in the street
And someone’s screaming, oh god tell me that I’m dreaming
It’s okay relax, it’s just some kids with fireworks
Let me get to sleep now, no let me get a baseball bat first

I’ll keep it by my bed in case someone tries to break in
Taking everything they can and leave before I awaken
It happened to a friend of mine, he wasn't home at the time
But I was here now, I’m gonna protect what’s mine

Come on, you’re ridiculous there’s no reason to be scared
You’re protected.. There was a thud from downstairs
Oh my god, it’s about to happen, they’re gonna get to jacking
Everything in sight, and the police won’t ever catch ‘em

I grab the bat and go to lock my bedroom door
And I plan my escape route, although I’m on the third floor
I hear ‘em coming up the stairs, there’s more than one of them
But there’s no time to be scared, I gotta be prepared

Get dressed I grab my car keys, my wallet, and my cell phone
Open the window to climb out so I get my head blown
I grip the bat tightly as they struggle with the doorknob
‘til he put a bullet through it, it was a nine I fuckin’ knew it

but when I hit him with the bat he must be seeing fireworks
nearly bit his arm off trying to get the gun that’s gotta hurt
I got it from his grips, starin’ at ‘em and they’re pissed
Especially cause I fired a shot at them and missed

Didn't know what to do I dropped the gun and yelled help
Then i dove out the window looking like Michael Phelps
I landed on my back, never was a great swimmer
Now they’re staring out the window looking at me like I’m dinner

Then the guy whose arm I almost chewed off, he started laughing
Looking kind of happy as he aimed the gun at me and he...

(fading out)

My vision turned black and white, the sky became a light
But I’m not going out like this without a fight
Sirens all around, and the people formed a crowd
Saying, “he must have tried to kill himself, why else would he jump out

The window, to hit the ground he was a college student with a bright
future, I wonder what made him do it”
I saw the guys running, they dove into a Lincoln
My lights started dimming, now I’m in my bed in a pool of sweat thinking

Wait a minute.. I thought those guys just killed me?
It must have been a dream I knew that something felt different..

Track Name: Dreamweaver (feat. S.A.M.I.)
Verse 1:
Riding down Broad Street in a bat mobile
Chasing down my dreams tell me how that feel?
Hungry for the cake, don’t mistake it for a cake walk
Cause every time I hit the ‘batter’ they just get a base walk

When I can’t even seem to get the ball over home plate
They can sit at home shredding cheddar ‘cause it’s so grate
And I’m not really out to bring the world change,
Nor am I looking to over compensate by making more change

I share my personal accounts if it makes sense then
I’ll be satisfied if you pay me in attention
I’d be lying if I told you I don’t wanna be famous
Or that I never entertain the thought of if I never made it

You never know your hand when its dealt in this card game
But whether my hand is hot or not I’m going all in
Cause back in school, my professor Bob Trempe told me
If you’re gonna fail you better go out in a blaze of glory

Chorus (S.A.M.I.):
Don’t you know
You can’t keep living here
This dream is not real
Don’t you know
You can’t keep living here
This dream’s not what it seems
Wake up from your sleep

Verse 2:
... I thought I lost the rhyme for a second
Thought I lost the ability to write lines mind bending
Hearing my first mixtape thinking, now how can I ever top that?
And having doubts about myself if I should even come back

But I knew it would be okay, I never gave up Hope
I kept experiencing life and writing it down in these notes
And I stayed ambitious, my mind is always thinking far ahead
Writing my third mixtape and the second isn’t started yet

Mind is always pondering, feet are always wandering,
If they put that cake in front of me, I’ll grab a knife and cut a piece
Until then I will not eat, will not rest and will not sleep,
But I’m weaving through these dreams until I’m living in Adobe Suites

When life tells me, 'you must be this tall to ride'
And it seems like every day and they just get a taller sign
It may appear that everything I want is out of my reach
But you can bet your ass tomorrow I’ll be back a little taller
Mother fu-


Verse 3:
I had a dream Andre 3000 was chilling in my living room
And I asked him why he and Big Boi had split in two
His answer was troubling and hard to grasp and, he asked if
I’d rather keep chasing destiny or keep rapping

"Would you rather keep chasing destiny or keep rapping?"
But it’s funny I thought they were one in the same was I mistaken?
Taken aback by his question thinking, 'what is my future?'
Is it fame or a girl with my name? or a career making music

But I’ve always been about “The Balance”, as long as I can recall
Those forces pull in all directions; never letting me fall
So I’ll balance different types of liquors up in my chalice
In a toast and celebration, bringing to life what I’ve been dreaming of

Thinking of, I’ll do it all, the glam, the girl, the glory..
You’ll hear about it too, I’ll write it down in these stories
So you can watch as it progresses from a child only wishing
To a man achieving his goals bringing dream to fruition


... From a man bringing dream to fruition
When they say it’s not real, I’ll be reluctant to listen
Their verdict is insanity, but I’ll just keep pushing until the
Day when my dreams aren't nearly as sweet as my reality

..When my dreams aren’t nearly as sweet as my reality
Track Name: Felicia's 44
Verse 1 (Felicia):
… I’m so embarrassed and so ashamed
There’s this one part of me that can’t be tamed
I’m evil, and malicious, there’s really no excuse
To why when I drink my morals become oh so loose

I can’t believe it, and I don’t know how
I could let this happen- let me take a bow
… A worthless liar, only cheated myself
I knew it was wrong when he kissed my mouth

I was fast asleep, but he awoke me
Those soft lips on my cheek, hands above and below me
Didn’t even say no, never came to a halt
No respect for myself this is all my fault

This dirty bitch is the one to blame
Don’t fucking know how to say his last name
At first I wanted ___ to know, no doubt
I got my “revenge”, but he’ll never find out

I can make excuses; say I’ve been so lonely
But I can no longer say he’s my one and only
To be honest, I don’t know how it began
.. But I know I made him wrap it up like saran

I promised myself that this would not happen
Now its 6am, and I’m still up rappin’
… I never learn from dumb choices I make
I say I will but I keep making the same mistake

This happened to me because inside I still burn
I pray that this time I’ll really learn..
I want to wake up and have this all be fake
If I’m only 17, does that make it rape?

I wasn’t forced; he made sure I was good
Guess this is what I get for bringin boys to the hood
No parties next week, for I will be home
For the whole week I’ll be sleeping alone

I’ve just decided, NO boys for a WHILE
Til I can find one that goes the extra mile
I screwed up real bad, but I’m better than this
In that one moment my sanity ceased to exist

I’ll focus on me and better I will get
Just look how I already put down that cigarette
I need to cut the shit and set up my priorities
Before I get too rowdy and end up with the authorities

I’m guna lay down and try to get some damn sleep
Maybe when I wake up I won’t be so fucking weak
I fucked up, did something I shouldn't do
… I was the trouble that HE got Into

Verse 2 (Steve’s response):
It’s Gonna Be Okay
Everyone makes mistakes, especially while drinking
You sometimes make choices, without even thinking
Under so much stress you start to fold and you were wrinkling
That's why the past few weeks you were almost on the brink-ing

It’s not always easy to say no, you fall into submission
But I know you're not a whore, you just made a poor decision
One you'll have to live with, I'm sorry to tell you
but at least you used protection, I liked your saran wrap reference

I know you're better than this, but I think it was bound to happen
You're really upset, I can tell from the way you're rappin
So you go out trying to have some fun and enjoy yourself
And they say the best way to get over someone is getting under someone else

You probably realize that sometimes it doesn't help
But at least you know it was wrong, and you figured that on your own
You say it won't happen again and I truly believe you
I know you would’ve have done it different if you were given a re-do

You see the world but sometimes it’s so hard to see you
So hard to be you when so far someone leads you
Mistreats you then leaves you, now you're stuck in
some kind of darkness that's so cold and almost impossible to see through

I promise you'll make it out, though you only at the start
Believe it or not I know you have a big heart
And I know you're still lovable, and able to love back
Pressure in the back of your mind and it’s hard not to crack

I know you want love, girl, I can feel you yearn for it
Sometimes you want it too bad, and all you do is burn for it
Couldn't avoid crashing, your car didn't even turn from it
Can't change the past now, all you can do is learn from it

It’s okay to make mistakes; just look the whole world’s done it
And now you’re trying to get out of the darkness, I can see you running
You got a little brighter yesterday, and all I can say,
Is stay positive and be yourself, It’s Gonna Be Okay
Track Name: It's Gonna Be Okay [part II] (feat. Brittany Ramaglia)
When times are looking like the darkest and the grimmest,
There’s always a brighter sky somewhere off in the distance
It’s Gonna Be Okay

Verse 1:
College bound girl on the top of the world
All systems running, but she didn't know what was coming
Popular girl cause she had a lot of friends
And a boy that promised he was gonna love her ‘til the end

Young love so sweet and delicate..If their hearts burned
Any more they probably would've melted it
They couldn't go a second without kissing, but they
Got in different schools and had to try the long distance

A smart girl she was doing bio experiments
But a college boy he wanted to try to experiment
(experiment, experiment) with all kinds of chemicals
So he broke it off with her and she was hysterical

She didn't even see it coming..
Her world was moving on pace and suddenly she stopped running,
She couldn't even breath now, see how love is a
Battlefield and it felt like there’s a hundred soldiers gunning

For her heart, and she fell down so hard
She had broken bones before but her heart was never scarred
Like this, she wondered what’d I do wrong
And starts beating herself up she’s just a child call dyfus!

You wanna move on but sometimes you feel paralyzed
Scared to find love so when it seeks, you just run and hide
Cause you don’t wanna get hurt again..
Who wants to build Noah's ark just to go swim again

And you don’t wanna look at other men..
Cause the one you had was perfect, but just listen to me
For every down there's an upside, and if you just try
To be a little positive that happiness will follow it

You miss him so much and it’s so tough, I know
Just love yourself for now and through the pain you’ll grow
Into way more than just a catch, you’ll be a fastball coming right at’cha..
Just waiting for the right catcher

Chorus 1 (Brittany Ramaglia):
Listen up, girl, I can feel your pain now
Dark skies won’t seem to go away now
Something’s holding you back, you can’t give anymore
Or losing a love that you can’t fight for
Don’t wanna hear you say you’re defeated
Pick it up now, baby, start believing
You got it under control, keep doing your thang
Just gotta know that,
It’s Gonna Be Okay (4x)

Verse 2:
Young boy just following the path
The plan was laid out, etched in stone I suppose
Go to college, check. Acquire knowledge, check.
Graduated, check. Job waiting, check.

Getting’ paid in, check. But wait a minute, reflect
Wasn't that the backup plan? Did you forget?
To focus on the passion once that job was set?
make a career out of that instead of working at a desk

See the dream job wouldn't make enough to pay the rent
And after grace period loan services would collect
But he got up from that office desk, got up and left,
and began redrawing the plan that once was etched

He reset the goals and the priorities
Writing and recording, and working on some beats
Doing open mics getting people out their seats
And at a restaurant making money in between,

But the bills did seem to accumulate, faster than the
Bank account would rejuvenate, Overdraft account
That thirty six dollars; so crippling
And the negative effects started rippling

Gripping, a barely committed relationship with his teeth
But he couldn't hold on because his hands weren't free
Issues with his car’s engine set him back further,
As he digs deeper in the money grandpa left him

And his mixtape is about to be late for the release date
Less than sixteen days and he’s still here writing
About this bad luck streak, and how my girl left me but
How I never lose confidence, or positivity

So busted car or not, I’m still driving like its brand new
And you, can’t do, anything to stop me with this
Can-do attitude, half full? You better yet top me off motherfucker,
I want the whole glass full!

My friend asked me why I have bad luck,
I said this bad shit happens so I can turn it around and triumph
That’s what makes me a warrior at the end of the day
Because I grow through the pain, It’s Gonna Be Okay!

Chorus 2:
Listen up, boy, I can feel your pain now
Dark skies won’t seem to go away now
Pressure’s weighing you down, you can’t give anymore
Or chasing a dream you know that you would die for
Don’t wanna hear you say you’re defeated
Pick it up now, baby, start believing
You got it under control, keep on doing you thang
Just gotta know that,
It’s Gonna Be Okay (4x)

Verse 3:
And as for the girl in the beginning of the song,
If you thought she gave up hope, I’ll tell you that you’re wrong
She kept on, singing the song
“It’s Gonna Be Okay,” and now she’s chugging along

Doing it all and got a championship belt
From conquering that heartbreak and doing it herself
With a little help from time as it heals all wounds
Sun follows the rain when a dark cloud looms

So if you’re asking me, what happened after tragedy?
She’s got a boyfriend now, is happy as can be
And if you’re asking me, for a little bit of hope
Look how far we came from “Felicia’s 44”

Matter of fact rewind to a time when you didn't think that
YOU would be fine, consider how far you came and how you’re doing today, I don’t even need to say.. (It’s gonna be okay)

… And if you’re not there yet right now you’re losing, baby
KEEP pushing, keep struggling because it only makes you
stronger at the end of the day..
At the end of the day, I say, I say hey
At the end of the day

Remember what I told you at the end of the day,
Sing it with me at the top of your lungs when I say
At the end of the day...

Chorus 3 (Brittany Ramaglia):
Dark skies and you can’t hide
Grief comes tearing out your insides
Lose your mind for the money, can’t give anymore
Or chasing a love that you can’t fight for
Don’t wanna hear you say you’re defeated,
Pick it up now baby start believing
This life is yours, start living in your own way,
You gotta know that,
It’s Gonna Be Okay (3x)
This life is yours, start living in your own way,
You gotta know that,
It’s Gonna Be Okay (4x)