Finish Through the Line

by Steve Young

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Finish Through the Line is my debut mixtape. In a way, it's a formal introduction of myself; to let you enter my mind through an emotional roller-coaster of tracks revealing love, pain, seriousness and hilarity. I bare it all without holding back, inhaling people and events in my life and exhaling them back into the mic.

The phrase "Finish Through the Line" was essential to making the mixtape. It is something my football coaches used to yell while we were running sprints. They made sure that with every sprint we ran as hard and fast as we could until we crossed the line, finishing the sprint. Only after we finished was it okay to slow down. I try to apply this mentality to everything I do making sure, whether good or bad times, I always Finish Through the Line.


released May 2, 2014



all rights reserved


Steve Young New York, New York

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Track Name: The Show (intro)
verse 1:
welcome everybody I’m standing at center field
to say we've got a great show, you gon’ be glad you came here
we have feats of real bravery and tales from the heart
shhhhhh.. the shows about to start

a piece of art this kid is really one of a kind
exhaling into the mic what he inhales through his mind
I’m the host making sure un-pleasantries are avoided
at the end of the show I’m sure you won’t be disappointed

everybody up top and all the people down below
put on your life vests and get ready for the flow
direct attention to me in the center of the floor
so if you didn't know welcome to the show

verse 2:
its magical fantastical and gonna be spectacular
let me take the wheel I’ll be the driver you’re the passenger
i know its summertime but I've turned up all the heaters
hottness in the cockpit as I’m blasted out the speakers

... and this message goes out to all the leaders
you can still follow @steveyoung80 for all the tweeters
or find me on YouTube getting more play than kids
hottest thang on the market raise your paddle and place your bids!

yeast flow make you rise like dough
get oven mitts I’m hot as American pies on a stove
a double whopper with American fries and a coke
so if you didn't know welcome to the show

verse 4:
I got a whole band with me and were only on the intro
if they make you hop out your seat don’t worry that’s a symptom
at this point of the show you should be standing up and clapping
bright lights illuminate the stage when I’m rapping

... I see you listening intently,
don’t worry the vircus animals are friendly
they've been waiting so long to be let out of the cage
I just opened a Pandora’s box in the center of the stage

so come one come all! get in line for your tickets
don’t blink or close your ears for a second or you’ll miss it
and whatever you do, don’t look down below
you're in the universe of my mind welcome to the show

here we go, here we go
c'mon Steve it's time to start the show
yo Young, I know you got your buttondown on, right? (damn right)
and I know you got your tie on tight (sure do)
well, where the shoes? (I'm bout to put 'em on)
'scuse me Youngin', 'scuse me Youngin
'scuse me Steve Youngin' you're on
Track Name: Finish Through the Line (feat. Stephen Chelius)
verse 1:
this all started with a dream, on stage or on the big screen
swimming in green and relaxing with my queen
I was sitting in my room
writing rhymes about sitting in a fly coupe

I was just in middle school dressing ghetto with the pants loose
rocking Allen Iverson brand shoes, brand new
living in the suburbs, you wonder how the white boy became this way,
ill take you back to the day

First rap song I heard was Hot Steppa, Ini Kamoze gave the little kid big dreams of being a hot rapper
grabbing hands of fans as I dance on stage
and the grants and benja-mans when the kid gets paid

I started writing rhymes like the rappers that inspired me
talk about crimes and doing drugs and being violent
it was creative and I thought that I could make it
but I faked it, I knew it wasn't true but I kept to it

high school came and I was still writing verses
not even underground I'm talking core of the earth
still talking crazyness, delirious it wasn't worth it
so I stopped writing and stopped trying to dig to the surface
(so worthless)

chorus (Stephen Chelius):
Finish through the line, every time
don't ever slow it down, reach for the crown
You want it all so push the limit
cause you can have it all, if all your heart is in it

verse 2:
the time to go to college came and I was building up my brain
but if I really want the fame I had to get back in the game
so I started writing every day, much better than I used to be
and getting better everyday

back when 50 cent and game were still on the same page
I was trying to get busy writing about the same thangs
then I changed my mentality, from rapping about clapping guns and selling drugs, and I just wrote about reality

so you can learn about me and my life and whether good or bad times,
ill show you how to finish through the line
that means when you do anything pursue it to the fullest
until your mission's finished and your energy's diminished

then push a little further, until you reach the end
you know you got plenty of time to rest when you're dead
so chase down that dream like a scavenger,
but don't just focus on the line, life is all about adventure

when you reach the line you reminisce about the past
it came too fast, you wish you had a second chance
to relive every moment changing things to your benefit
but if there's no rewind you can’t waste your time regretting it
so finish...


on to the next, on on to the next one
accomplish one goal and then finish through the rest of them
and that's what I'm doing trying to finish this tape
trying not to let my thoughts get carried away

but images keep flashing in my head of being famous
and I want it so bad I can barely restrain it;
my high expectations, I can’t imagine being famous
but I can’t see my life if all of this was wasted

I hope you feel my osmosis flow
I'm making miracles and moving people like the Moses show
I'm here, no u-haul for me
baby I still got some tricks hanging up the sleeve

trying to get the mula, writing lyrics every day
meanwhile trying to stay focused on my schoolwork
get home at three in the morning, I'm working on my songs and
I remember as a kid the days seemed much longer

I'll take on all of the troubles that are thrown in my direction
cause adversity is something you can fight without a weapon
and its easy when you take ‘em down one by one
as you can see I just finished through the last line of this song
I did it baby...

Track Name: The Revolution
verse 1:
I got a friend mike baker and he’s into hard rock
and when he told me about rap music it made my heart drop
he doesn’t like it cause it’s about bitches and hoes and
stacking your paper, but I can’t blame him or call him a hater

he’s just talkin about what he sees and hears on the radio
and categorizes that with rap, "what are you sayin’ bro?"
so I try to show him some real lyricism, but his head starts hurting
he knows its rap so his ears aren’t working

my mom’s a little different, she has very sensitive ears
whenever she hears something that’s incredibly deep
she doesn’t listen to the lyrics but inevitably
shell hear the word bitch or someone acting disrespectingly

so she does an impersonation saying 'bitches and hoes'
that’s all they talk about and all they have in music videos
can’t say she’s hating though that’s all she hears on the radio
and I say there is good hip-hop it doesn’t get much play though

see that’s the problem people being ignorant and inconsiderate
judging the genre without even listening
it’s like judging the beautiful blue sky based on pollution
but this flow is earth day I’m captain planet with a solution
the revolution...

this is for my people who think raps been dead for years
(this is rap for real, somethin' to feel)
this is for my people who ain't been gettin' it clear
(this is rap for real, somethin’ to feel)
and this is for the mc's who've been livin' in fear
cause the radio kills (this is rap for real)
if they’ve got you thinkin hip hop is evil
this is the revolution: music for all kind of people

verse 2:
When I say the revolution I’m talking music with substance
not substance abuse, it’s about truth, not lies or lines of
coke and crack rock, or smoking in back lots with roaches
or toasters on the waist of the youth

I wanna educate the youth with what I say in the booth
technology’s developing, that’s the way of the youth
before they can speak they’re face timing with iPhones
I guess its evolution, but they don’t make an app for the revolution

not just listening to it, it’s feeling the music
and it’s simple, any human being can do it
so for the sake of good music I hope you have the
common sense to join the revolution, this is the music of the future

generations of young faces will grow up tasteless
in the ear drum, if they’re satisfied with radio stations
go out and search the world, create your own playlist
get rid of that garbage, you can go ‘head replace it

it’s ironic cause all the deep lyricism is underground
they told me hip hop was dead, but it’s just in the lost and found
you gotta go and claim it, keep diggin' in the box
cause this flow is archaeological and more classic than fossils,
ya dig?


verse 3:
at my first open mic I rapped about my mom and dad
and their divorce, the people were feelin' it of course
cause it was real of course, something spoken from the heart
but the shocking thing was the crowd was full of adults

people like my mom who can’t stand listening to rap
they put a "c" in front of it, and just leave it at that
but I replaced the "r" with an "l", I made 'em all clap
name a rap song on the radio that can make old people do that
(I made ‘em feel young)

... I consider music to be a sixth sense
and I’m not just talkin' hip-hop any genre can make you feel this
how can it not be a sense if it’s something in all of us
a force, a pull, an urge that brings out our emotions

to fill your heart with love like you drank a magic potion
or give you hope, when you’re sinking in the darkest ocean
the only emotion on rap stations is the great depression
but this flow is nine-eleven bringing the people together

Track Name: Fireworks (remix)
people say, "be patient, your time will come,
you gotta be careful, sometimes taking chances can be dangerous,
you have to take the safe road instead of following your dreams"
they try to tell you to stay grounded..

but everyone has a little firework in them

look at me, the baddest motherfucker ever
that could take down america in an american apparel sweater
like the postal service i come in any kind of weather
i feel like Colonel Sanders and these guys are covered in white feathers

... i got a KFC dependency
and i gotta eat these chickens; crispy or original recipe
my life expectancy, at least a hundred years until my diapers need dependency or 'til I've figured out my destiny

then I fulfill it like a taco shell
making billions while i make a killing like tobacco sales
cheddar like nacho sales, but haters say 'that's notcho cheese'
meanwhile my customers scream, 'can i have some nachos please!'

Everybody watching me, they flock to me
Its probably cause all these red lights know there’s no stopping me
But first i gotta show you what I'm worth
i gotta be like Katy Perry, blowing up like a firework

(chorus) (Drake & Alicia Keys)

crayola flow, no homo i gotta let my colors burst
if earth is in the milky way I'm in the snickers universe
the only difference is that there's some nuts in this galaxy
so if i get too crazy on a song don't get mad at me

they say I'm so nice, can you imagine me if i were mean
its not a pretty site in fact its rather obscene
when i mean to be mean you see i get a little dirty
though i'm trying to stay clean like the seam on a shirt and

when i'm flirty you see that i got a clean shirt and
my pants are rockin pleads to make it seem like i'm workin
what i mean to say is when i'm mean i make it seem nice
but when i'm nice i get it right and i'm on my game like dice

flyer than kites and i get to gleaming like ice
and its nice though its not off the top of the brain like lice
my lines are all lively and though my flows colder than dead
they're clever and brighter than the big light bulb on my head


I had a bunch of dreams last night and all of them were strange
But i cant remember one of them i wonder what that means
i'm a dreamer, i always think ahead
and i'm a big sleeper i hope i don't wake up dead

i know i'm a good kid but the good die Young
and since that's my last name any day my time can come
I try to make decisions like it just might be the last
damn those two and a half years of college went fast

two and a half left for me to be an architect
it would be so easy to drop out and just rap
not a smart choice though if i'm thinking for the future
i need a calculator so i can find a good solution

architect guaranteed and being a rappers just a dream
add em both together and it seems, architectures right
architecture is my life
but what does it mean if i keep seeing my name in lights


everyone has a little fire work in them
you wanna risk it all following your dreams, and just go with it
well here's what you do..
you gotta take your dream with you, high up into the air
and as you look down at all the people below
just burst and give em a show
Track Name: The Perfect Beat
This track is a debate between 3 alter egos; Steve, Youngin', and Eighty
They're discussing which qualities and elements are necessary to create "The Perfect Beat"

Verse 1: (Youngin')
Fresh out the Sentra, wanted like a Fanta
Come at me and I’ll dent ya until you look just like my fender
I'm like a hawk eyeing my prey, and y'all are sitting ducks
I'm more flyer than a pigeon's nuts

on the cash like shoes, and I'm good like bad foods
and you are looking like a reporter just getting bad news
don't get mad I got glad news, and just to let you know
my fruit in the loom is on steroids like jacked fruits

I’m like tattoos, I’m getting underneath your skin
I got some bad news, you're done and I didn't yet begin
I'm a big sleeper, wake em up like Folgers
I run it like soldiers, getting more head than shoulders

you're older than seniors and I'm just trying to get fresh-man
better raise your hand if you're asking me a question
I may be just a freshman in rap, but that don't mean
the kid Youngin' won't shove your body where your locker at


Verse 2: (Eighty)
ooooooooo, I can't wait to get next to you, ooooooh
and only this beat can get me to gooooo

crazy like crack, number 80 on the back
determin-ated and I'm motivated on the track
now only you can make me feel
and only this beat can make me feel real

check it out I got the perfect beat signed and sealed
deliver it like Tom Brady on the field
I keep a girl turned on like a GPS when I'm lost
I'm the bomb and she catch it like Randy Moss

My vision's so good I can see into the future
and you just get lost like (when possible make a U-turn)
I make ‘em say OMG like, oh my gosh
bringing the heat times three, Lebron, Wade, and Bosh

I maintain the Hottness like rockets though it's hard
to be spotted it's in my pocket just chilling with my wallet
I keep fans plugged in cause I spark like a socket
and Only You got the perfect beat by Ashanti


Verse 3: (Steve)
(ain't none of y'all better)
no beat could ever compare to the heat of the fever we got here
(ain't none of y'all better) it's burning
like a rash so that's why we had to save the hottest beat for last

It's Steve and we saved the hottest beat for the ending
I'm a music inventor, but the patent's still pending
I don't like blending, I try to stand out
like a sore thumb, that's what I'm all about

if I'm not the best rapper than I gotta sound different
so when they go automatic flow that's when you see me shifting
you might not wanna listen cause I'm not a gangster rapper
white like Casper, but the soul of a pastor

sure as hell not an actor, I hate false people
for hot-doggin' talk to my Youngin' alter ego
he talks a lot of nonsense, always acting wild
meanwhile Eighty's my determination and my drive

I'm the good ego, with a passion for the ladies
three different brains got me acting like the crazies
the leaders always changing, but we get it done together
I'm Steve, this is the perfect beat 'cause none of y'all better!
Track Name: Barely Beating
love why do you take me up (why do i let you)
take all control (when i know every time)
i build you up (you always go and)
you crush my soul, but
i want you to know (regardless of our past)
i won’t give up hope (cause really i)
need you near me (sincerely)
my barely beating heart

Verse 1:
barely beating i just had a heart attack
falling back, cardiac i cant breath i can’t see someone please
what’s going on they’re taking me to the hospital
thinking that there’s something wrong with me, (yes its possible)

but what can it be, i thought i was so healthy
I’m only twenty one and i thought i still had plenty
of years left to go but id believe you if you tell me
that I’m dying cause of all the greasy food that’s in my belly

but no, my stomach’s fine the pain is in my chest
my heart is breaking every second there’s another crack and
i can’t take it, trying to numb the pain gimme some nova cane!!
(they try to get me IV but can’t seem to find a vein)

I’m going insane, love why do you always do this to me
i think i found you, you just bring me down and ruin me
a lover and a fighter i get up right after going down
barely beating i can feel my heart slowing down


Verse 2:
barely beating in my hospital bed now..
feeling like I’m half way dead now…
heart frozen like a popsicle i can’t get over these obstacles
i used to hurdle over back when nothing was impossible

when my heart was still strong and it could still take a beating
but the beating repeating and it’s just so defeating
they say the first cut is the deepest, than how come every time i find love i just find a way to redefine the word deepness

my heart is twenty thousand leagues and getting closer to the floor every day and i can’t even see the top anymore
sinking in the ocean it’s like I’m trying to find Nemo
I’m just swimming searching for something that I’ve never seen before

that I’ve only dreamed before, but never experienced
a true love and every time i get so near to it
it brings me up so high shortly before it takes me down
barely beating i can feel my heart breaking now

love why do you take me up (why do i always let you)
take all control (when i know every time)
i build you up (you squeeze me tightly and)
you crush my soul, but
i want you to know (i really want to, but)
i won’t give up hope (starting to wonder if i)
need you near me (sincerely)
my barely beating heart

Verse 3:
barely beating and i think I’m gonna pass away now
I know there’s a chance that i can find love any day now
but every time i think i found it i just hit a wall
she’ll just keep leading me and pushing me until i fall

see roller coasters are my life consider my a tycoon
drowning in emotions love you hit me like a typhoon
I think this could be the end, i think my lights are going out
barely beating i can feel my heart slowing dowwwwn


a lover and a fighter but I’m not too good at either
i can’t seem to find love and I’m losing my resilience
love could be right in front of me and maybe i don’t see her
and if she is i hope she’s listening, i hope she hears this

one day shell point herself out one day shell come to me
until that day, baby, just know that I’m not giving up
and in the end i guess it’s really up to me
barely beating but i think i feel my heart speeding up..
Track Name: It's Gonna Be Okay
Let me tell you a story about a man and a woman
the man was from Israel and the woman from Brooklyn
they met at brighten beach and the excitement increased as
sparks flew and filled the sky from the west to the east

They got married pretty soon, Israel for the honeymoon
a marriage sweeter than spring when all the flowers bloom
he was an engineer and she did retail, selling lingerie
but thats an unnecessary embarrassing detail

they lived in an apartment but eventually had to move
to Cyril avenue, where children they had a few
So now a father an a mom they had two daughters and a son
the boy was the youngest and his name was Steve Young

They moved once again, across the street from a park
to a house the father built but that's when all the troubles start
the mom had to get a nanny cause she was all alone
cause the dad was always working, her was rarely home

and when he was they were arguing, always going at it
so my mommy had the bed and daddy slept in the attic
sometimes he slept in my room, that was kind of cool
but they had to separate so daddy got his own place

we saw him on the weekends, it was kind of better
cause we saw him more often than when they were living together
I started going to therapy after the marriage ended
but I didn't really need to I just went cause Sharon did it

I wasn't that emotional, I really wasn't phased
until my dad got remarried and everything changed
he moved in with my step mom, and four step sisters
and my dad and their dad had a couple issues, with each other

that's irrelevant, lets move to the present
where recession has my mom and dad looking for a blessing
to lessen the intensity of pressure overbearing
and I'm stuck in the middle and it's depressing what I'm hearing

Chorus 1:
So you got a lot of bills to pay and a bunch of mouths to feed
food stamps and groceries and whatever people donate
so I say, its gonna be okay

less money every day and unemployment's running out
while you chase your dreams with all your troubles in the way
so I say, its gonna be okay

mom and dad I know your lives are going in the wrong way
but just stay hopeful I'll take care of you some day
just wait, its gonna be okay

Verse 2:
we had a big house before my parents got divorced such a
high mortgage a single mother couldn't afford it
so now a smaller house but it wasn't below average
and mom still had a job so she was bringing home the cabbage

dad had a two bedroom house until he got remarried to Sarit
and moved to her house off of Dorothy Street
he was still on his feet, they worked together in real estate
and we took trips to Aruba; such a sweet escape

mom always wanted to travel it was one of her life goals
another was to getting out of retail to be a life coach
so she did both but wasn't getting very well paid so
she got a job selling jewelry until she got laid off

getting unemployment, she chases her dreams of doing something for enjoyment, and that's very important
it's still its very daunting thinking about losing the house
but I'm gonna take care of you so don't worry about it

Let me get back to dad working in real estate for Re/max
but that fell down hard he must have been wearing knee pads
cause he got right back up and started his own company
but it wasn't nearly enough to be living in luxury

cant afford the dream house he spent so long building
living in a cramped house, filled with nine children
nine little mouths to feed I know its a little difficult
and though you pray to god I know he seems a little cynical

times are hard for both of you, believe me I know it
cause anytime I'm with you guys you aren't afraid to show it
mom's unemployed and wants dad to pay the alimony
dad wants her to ease up, he doesn't have the money

and I'm the messenger because you two don't get along
but what happened to the love I mentioned early in the song
now you're both in court, fighting, hating each other
but this is a time you should be embracing each other

Chorus 2:
Dad I know life is tough and going to court is even tougher
such a blunder, but if you hold tight than you'll discover
you'll live another, its gonna be okay

and mom I know you're unemployed and you're seeking child support
but just wait until I'm older you can life off my support
the wait is short, its gonna be okay

mom and dad I know your lives are going in the wrong way
but just stay hopeful I'll take care of you some day
just wait, its gonna be okay

I'll take care of you both, I'll never forget about you
though I'm your son my whole world revolves around you
everyone takes a hit when recession gets the best of them
you have faith in god but you start second guessing him

nothings going right and you fight so hard
to find the light but its been a dark tunnel so far
living this way is such a pain everyday
but listen when I say, its gonna be okay
Track Name: MissCommunication
LOVE.. it filled up her lungs
cause every time she took a breathe he was all she could think of
for him she had fallen, but he was smothered in the love
and couldn't breath so he had to leave like autumn

SINGLE.. she wasn't used to being it
memories in her mind after every time seeing him
everyday cause even though they were just friends now
they had friends in common so they hung with the same crowd

BREAKUP.. she needed to wake up
but the pain in her heart was more than she could take (agh)
she wanted to move on but it didnt seem possible
feeling love sick and being rushed to the hospital

CRUSH.. that's what it started as
and now that's what her heart is broken down into ash
if filled up her throat and she was choking on emotion
devotion to the pain so her heart stayed broken

chorus: (2x)
misscommunication, they were both patient,
waiting for the other one to say it
misscommunication, they couldn't read each others signals
that's why they're both single

SECRET.. she wanted to keep it, but every night she went out her
roommates knew where she was sleeping
she kept hooking up with the ex-boy
so stressed she couldn't move on to the next boy

POWER.. he had so much of it
the couple wasn't in love but they were still lovin', and
not a good relationship she only got half of it
cause he was there during the love but wasn't there after it

BEST FRIEND, he lived with the girl in the same house
the room down the hall was like a safe house
to talk about the sitch, listening to all of her problems,
and after she would listen to his

ADVICE.. when she needed it she went to him
but he felt destined and, thought she was just meant for him
talking everyday he wanted to say I love you
talking everyday she was falling in love too


ROMANCE.. yea they both wanted it
but they were both looking in the wrong place for it
she wanted the old love and couldn't move on
he wanted a lot of girls and couldn't choose one

MISTAKES.. they both made a lot of 'em
cause a lot of problems emotions keep bottling
their feelings for each other were increasing,
and with every late night meeting there was a bond they were seeing

FEAR.. confusion was the usual
and they couldn't tell each other they didn't know if it was mutual
so close and they didn't wanna ruin their relationship
so in love and they went through their lives never saying it

SOUL MATES.. that's what they were the whole time
and they didn't even know they were concerned with their own lives
they were in love with each other and meant to be together
the whole time they could have been dating, I guess it's just a


misscommunication, after she broke up,
he never spoke up, so she never knew
misscommunication, falling in love again,
but they were like best friends, she didn't know what to do

misscommunication, they didn't wanna ruin what they had
instead of the future they were worried about the past
they were in love with each other and meant to be together
the whole time they could have been dating, I guess it's just a misscommunication...

they were both patient waiting for the other one to SAY IT...
Track Name: The Song About Nothing
I defy all your Jedi mind tricks, like a psychic
but you can’t see because my mind made you blinded
stay off of my island, but watch me as I switch
your hero powers down so you can’t even be my side-kick

and I kick, the door down even if it's bolted
your revolutionaries just revolted, and got you feeling salted
but my revenge is sweeter than Splenda
a splendid victory is written here on my agenda

no contender's better than the worst of my defenders
so when you contest, my men will shred you like blenders
but my better defenders leave you redder than a head burst
and they bring you the pain like Ziddane, head first

right into your back like the top of your ass crack
brain is so abstract ill hit you with the fast facts
even if you don't ask ill strap you to the fast track
taking you back into the past like Aztecs

but pass that before you blow a hole in your gas tank
and Oscar the grouch will have to trash that
like a bad batch of that hash but I don't smoke I pass that
but I'm flirting with a girl disaster call me hazmat

gotta wear a gas mask, protect me from the gas blast
every time you talk trash it's like your ass passed gas
smelling up the room with your fast talking gas trash
but I burn it down like back draft, call the hazmat

oops that's me, I'm dangerous, like the flames in this
circus cause it's in-tense so please just work with us
and don't cause a problem like a goon or a goblin
or the hamburglar on the job, he be steady robbing

I got your heart throbbing, like batman and robin
even though I'm Spiderman and the green goblin
the sand man, doc oc, and venomous toxin
uncle Ben, aunt May, and Mary Jane Watson

and I’m Sherlock Holmes and Watson cause I'm always on the job
like a fat guy always eats a burger like a slob
and the grease from the cheese is getting all over his sleeves
and the sesame seeds are falling down to his knees

but I'm the bee's knees getting at the honey combs
and I get all up in your kidney, like a hundred stones
but they pass like the gas that I need a gas mask for
I don't need a passport, they don't even ask for it

see me at the airport flying to japan or
a land where everything gets recorded on my cam cord
like up in the desert where the general commands for
fortification, to protect him from the sandstorms

or at the tour de France, like Lance with his arms strong
and I just keep singing like a bird in a farm song
gotta get my Wilbur and I get my Charlot's web on
goats and ducks and cows and I gotta get my hens on

like cock-a-doodle-do cause I gotta wake em up
cause there isn't a maraca in the game that can shake em up
quite like me, cause I bring the heat to bake em up
and make them clean their act up even if you gotta rake it up

like you're from the country, where they commit adultery
with every leaf and seed that comes off the family tree
that's right every branch, brother, sister, uncles, aunts
mom and dad and even Lance, while he bikes the tour de France

rocking tight pants, spandex and I am next,
to blow so stand back for when I kick in the door

kick in the door, foot-balling hard core
all you heard was Eighty don't burn me no more

kick in the door, panties fall to the floor
all you heard was Youngin' come and gimme some more

kick in the door it's the lover boy galore
all you heard was Stevie come and kiss me some more

kick in the door of the eighth and ninth floor
Spiderman hit you with the web till you're sore
Track Name: Forgiveness (feat. Rita Maq)
verse 1:
I’ve been, trying to get to the bottom of the matter but,
every time I do I can’t seem to find a ladder to get,
back to the top I’m stuck down here with this sickness
.. Unable to find a meaning for the word forgiveness

I’m growing up and learning lessons but my vision stays clouded,
so sometimes I do things that I’m not proud of
seeking for forgiveness and I finally think I found it
maybe I can be forgiven if I write a song about it

vision stays clouded, but I try to take the right path
Calculating the future but, I don’t have the right math
the easy way out is very seldom the right way
but I can’t seem to get my heart and my brain on the same page

Lynnsy and Raina I’m sorry for the pain I caused
please don’t mistake it by thinking that you have flaws
I always realize that it wasn't meant to be when it’s too late
plant a bomb in our relationship and then evacuate

so ex-girlfriends hate me and close friends wanna date me
and one of my friends thinks the girl I love is trying to play me
Among these troubled relationships I drift into a daydream where,
my love sickness is finally cured by forgiveness

the more i know, the less i understand
all the things i thought i knew, i'm learning them again..

I’ve been trying to get down,
to the heart of the matter,
But my will gets weak,
and my thoughts seem to scatter but I think it’s about
forgiveness.. forgiveness…
cause it's all I need to carry on..

verse 2:
my heart remembers the love and my brain recalls the pain
that I've cause in relationships that will never be the same
can’t always trust a criminal when you let them walk the street
and that’s why neither of my ex girlfriends could trust me

cause when you steal someone’s heart and then break it
there’s not much you can do to gain the trust back, or try to replace it
and even after all my crimes I was still the one to end it
problems never solved, hearts never mended

I lost my best friend cause of a love quadrilateral
made a move when I had an open door it seemed practical
I should have talked about it with you before, not after
When I told the truth it was too late, caused a disaster

thinking about the consequences of my actions they backfire
I try to do what’s best but I hurt myself and my friends
satire, so now I’m on the road to forgiveness with four flat tires
but everything happens for a reason I guess that’s why

I look to that sky, for the Sweet Angel of My Imagination
Pushed angels away before, and now I’m alone waiting
and if this new one that I’m searching for isn't meant for me
I know my future will turn out exactly how it’s meant to be
but still..

the more i know, the less i understand
all the things i thought i'd figured out, I have to learn again..

I’ve been trying to get down,
to the heart of the matter,
But my will gets weak,
and my thoughts seem to scatter but I think it’s about
forgiveness.. forgiveness…
so you and I can carry on..

verse 3:
they say you don’t know what you have until its gone well that’s garbage,
cause I didn't need to lose him to find him
and even though you’re gone you live through me you’ll never tarnish,
memories never die so ill forever be reminded

of the great man who married my grandmother, rest in peace
you both survived the holocaust to fulfill your destinies
you set up bank accounts that you would later invest in me
so I could go to college and get a degree, to make the best of me

didn't call you enough, but when I did you were so proud,
I’d give anything in the world if I could call you on the phone now
to let you know how school is going, tell you what I’m bound to do,
never said it before but I wish I could tell you I’m so proud of you

I really am, even though I used to find it inconvenient to take
five minutes out of the day, and tell you how much you mean to me
I’m so strong, but that wasn't a lesson in school that I learned
it was a gift I was born with, something from you I earned

I’m a gentleman, and please don’t think I take things for granted
as a Jew in Nazi Germany I know that nothing was handed
to you, and I’m trying to grow up to be half the man that you were,
but filling in your shoes is easier for me to say than to do it

I’ve been trying to get down,
to the heart of the matter,
But my will gets weak,
and my thoughts seem to scatter
forgiveness.. forgiveness…
even if you're not around me anymore..
Track Name: Love Letters to You
Verse 1:
gotta express myself baby I'm tryin to tell you something
see I want you to be my Amerie but there's just this one thing
holding me back from giving you the love you truly deserve boo
I truly don't deserve you, but I'm trying to reserve you

Your heart's been falling apart for such a long time
but my love is air tight baby I wanna preserve you
… more precious than the beauty and the beast flower
but petals are falling off faster and faster, hour after hour

If all the petals fall and just a stem remains,
then I'll be stuck the beast forever with no one to share my name
trapped in this lonely castle I'm fighting a win-less battle
Just one of the many pawns playing in this chess game

Moving one square at a time there's no way to kill the king
I have to get real close but then I'm risking everything
but it's all worth it if in the end I'm with the queen
and out of all the pawns on the board I hope she's picking me

Floating on poetry, I'm jumping on blue clouds
but you're so high above me I'm on the ground trying to get you down
I need a ladder high enough to climb into your heart
I have to write a love letter I need a line to start
Floating on poetry, I'm jumping on blue clouds
need to make a move now, I don't have a clue how
Just had to let you know that there's nobody better than you
… That's why I wrote these letters to you

Verse 2:
Okay, dear my sweetheart, first please let me start,
to say that you've been running through my mind I know your feet are
tired of running lines and suicides all in my mind
and I'm getting tired of standing watching waiting on the sideline

all day you stay on my brain like what I'm thinking
but the picture can't be framed no matter how I envision
pictures in my mind, but I need them to develop
I have to write these letters and put them in an envelope

I cant get my point across, I feel like I'm losing you
I'm just writing random thoughts and they turn into doodles of you
I draw me next to you, we're just laying on the beach
feel like I'm texting you, but your signal's out of reach

Damn this letter sucks let me trash it, I so stupid
I should just try sending these love letters to cupid
… Thinking about not having you I turn sad
and I'm wondering if it's possible to miss something that I never had


Verse 3:
I'm sorry about that baby you know I didn't mean to frighten you
I just get inspired and excited when I think about life with you
my plane takes off the ground any time you come around,
but you're so out of sight I'm pretty sure you're on a different flight

Cause you're so precious and perfect, infectious but it's so worth it
I have so much enthusiasm baby I try to curb it
like a parallel park, you fit perfectly in my heart
and it only took you one maneuver to get these feelings to start

Sometimes I think you might like me cause of the way you're hinting
then you say something different and I'm thinking no she isn't
wish I knew what you're thinking, but I just get confused
and I have all these love letters written but I don't know what to do

to be or not to be, that truly is the question
to send or not to send, now I'm just second guessing
I think I'll send them (hmmm..) what's the worst that can happen
what if I lose your friendship, now I'm just second guessing


Floating on emotion I find myself in red clouds
cause I'm surrounded by love, red hearts are all around
to be or not to be, to send or not so send
to share these feelings for her, or keep em to myself

maybe I'll tell her damn I have so many questions
and hidden in my room I have so many letters
I wanna tell her but I don't wanna get rejected
the letters stay neglected in the bottom of my desk and

I'll probably send them some day, we'll have to wait and see -
but I just got a letter from her... what did she send to me?
Track Name: Ahead of Myself
Verse 1:
So it was a typical night at domino's; five o'clock shift
I'm just chilling folding boxes watching the clock tick
so far it was a slow day but all of a sudden the phone rang
a delivery with no delay I check the map to locate

Bellaire Ave. okay, that's kind of close
and guess what.. a girl I knew was standing in the door
we went to high school together one year she was in my gym class
such an amazing body she must be into fit-nass

and I'm not a gym-nast, but I could make her sweat
your pizza's Nineteen dollars and Eighty-Nine
What if she cant pay, and in her sexy Spanish voice she says
(there must be some other way)

I've always been attracted to you girl I love your booty
and your lips, hips, legs, chest lookin' so juicy
She invited me in, and then she started kissing me
oh my gosh you're so generous the way you're tipping me

but now the show is over, bravos and encore
I should get back to work but this is worth losing my job for
my shift is almost done and I can come back soon
but then I awoke from my dream and she just paid me for the food

Mad as a hatter but I don't mind it
beautiful girls dance in my head
such a loose mind, that I cant find it
sort of like Alice in wonderland
My imagination's winning this race
running away and I cant catch my breath
girls get my brain so carried away
I'm not winning or losing, I'm ahead of myself

Verse 2:
At the beach I just ran into a girl I knew from high school
we talk about college and our plans, yea her life's good
we talk a little more she says sometimes she goes to Philly
at the thought of running into I'm getting all jittery

nothing left to say we parted ways at the end of the day
but then there goes my mind once again running away
I wonder if she likes me, she seemed happy to see me
and I was so happy to see her in that hot pink bikini,

She's in Philly sometimes cause she goes to Penn State
maybe when I'm there at Temple I can take her on a date
getting chills thinking about it, damn she's so gorgeous
and I don't throw around the G-word, so trust me she's flawless

I liked her in middle school she almost found out my secret
maybe when I see her I'll no longer wanna keep it
but what if I say I like her and she says she likes me back
I cant be responsible for another heart attack

"I'm not ready for a girlfriend right now, I have problems"
but what if she understands and she wants to help me solve them
and what if she does and we end up getting married
let me stop there before I get more carried away


(Yea) thinking bout you every day girl
like an injured player I'm carried away girl
and I gotta clear my head
before I get to far ahead, of myself
but then again.....

Come to think about it I kind of like fantasy living
cause if it's all in my head I don't ever worry about commitment
but hold on a minute I feel like there's something missing
and I don't get fulfillment when my mind keeps drifting

I want real kissing but instead I'm missing you
but I'm at H&M check out the girl working the fitting room
maybe she's willing to, come in and help me try this on
my mind keeps running away hopefully I can find it soon

(chorus & outro)
Track Name: Disgusting (feat. S.A.M.I.)
I want the money, money and the cash
cash and the dough, and more,
I suppose... I just wanna be,
I just wanna be disgusting (x3)
I just wanna be,
I just wanna be disgusting
I just wanna be,
I just wanna be disgusting

When I'm old I wanna have everything, that comes with getting money
I wanna be a “G” and a bee that's getting honeys
When I'm old I'll move money like wheel barrel bundles
and people call me grand cause I got a lot of hundreds

but for now I stay away from the garden state plaza
so bedazzled it's a hazard, mall induced asthma
gasping at the high prices, stores with all kinds of niceness
that I cant afford unless the tag says priceless

I wanna be rolling dices, and throwing out chips but
domino's night shifts (got me) trying to get nice tips
I wanna drive nice whips, but I deliver in my Sentra
fourteen inch rims with some benders in the fender

my mail returns to sender I don't have the right paper
but I wanna be on top like a sky scraper elevators
writing rhymes in my spare time, though it is a rare find
I just wanna be fly like Michael Jordan's air time


The world is my oyster and I'm trying to get my voice heard
I'm just a little pearl in an ocean full of monsters
gotta run away from lobsters, and sharks all the same
while I'm hustling and trying to stack some bread under my name

so IHOP onto the scene like pancakes, trying to get a fan base
hard work and dedication for my fans sake
wanna be successful like Trey and the man Drake
cause I want the money in my palm like a hand shake

working hard to make your art work like a can-vase
you gotta be amphibious, so fuck being land based
that means do it all, no mistakes in the grand race
it takes a lot of band-aides and patience like a snail race

I'm balanced so I pace but I'm sweating with a damp face
many rappers out there lack flavor like a bland stake
I'm sweeter than cran-grape, I should take their damn place
and get my capital to start raisin' like bran flakes


You might say a million dollars isn't much today
or so it would seem so in my head I start to dream
and I was thinking to myself (hmmmm..) maybe I'd preserve it
but two-hundred grand to my mom and dad they both deserve it

it would be so worth it, they would go and paint the town
and I'd still have eight hundred thousand in my bank account
I love my Nissan Sentra, nicknamed Sledgehammer
but with all that money I could buy a car much badder

much faster windows tinted, so you cant see me coming through
in a Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes Benz or in my BMW
and seven hundred grand in my hand,
I'd have to spread the wealth to my grandpa and my uncles and my aunts

and my brothers and my sisters cause you gotta love the family
and friends but that's nothing compared to what I'd give to charity
clothing at the mall and accessories and stuff
jewelry, money what'd you do to me A MILLION'S NOT ENOUGH!!

Track Name: L.O.V.E.
Verse 1:
I'm feeling so emotional I need a love potion
cause within my heart, there's a billion tons of devotion
that I want so badly to give to my lover
but its like the TV channel I have yet to discover

and I'm looking for the one that can set me on the right path
despite the fact that half of me is good and half is bad
and the bad half ruined everything that I've created
what I've worked so hard for with all the girls I've dated

and I'm by myself because of what I've done in the past
my attention craving emotions are the only thing I have
they fight over the stage and when I'm single I wanna date and shit
but I wanna party and mingle when I'm in a relationship

It's weird cause now I'm single and I wanna have a lot of sex
but at the same time the sappy chick flicks make sense
but if I were dating I'd be saying damn I shouldn't have tried this
I don't know what the hell to do I really need some guidance

I want the "L" for the way you Look when you're Looking at me
"O" for the hole you fill you make me so happy
the "V" is symbolic for the way we come together
and "E", I want you to be my Everything forever
but the "L" is what I Lost and I cant seem to find
the "O" is the hole that's so empty inside
and "V" is for the Vicious monster that I have become
when I "E"rased Everything that I Ever know of love

Verse 2:
I don't know how to explain this, it's so damn complicated
how do I tell you what I'm feeling if I don't even get it
What me and Raina had was so right, why'd I make it go left
I guess cause half of me only cares about myself

I made her feel special on the special occasions,
valentines; the concrete heart I stayed up all night making
I loved you and would have married you just like I promised
but it was ruined from the start because it started out dishonest

it's over now but sometimes I want you back in my heart
thinking about the fights I started maybe we're better apart
it’s probably for the best I know you'll find somebody else
and I kind of like multiple choices of girls like a test

I forget about the sex cause holding you was the best
my emotions wage war and I start to feel depressed
when I think of holding someone special, I feel so amazing
but my bad side wants to be single, its driving me crazy!!


Verse 3:
I watched dinner for schmucks the other day and it really made me
think, how I would win the idiot contest cause I'm a schizophrenic
but I'm just like Tim cause there's a part of me you know
and when you start dating me you find the part of me you don't

and that's the part that's gotta go he's always causing trouble
and he doesn't love anyone so no one will ever love him
I felt so bad for Paul Rudd's character in the movie
cause the drama with him and his girl wasn't even his doing

but with me it’s all my fault and that's where we differ
and my stories not happy but in the end he gets the girl
after the movie I was so depressed looking for someone to text
to help me with my problem but I'm the one that knows it best

I can’t even decide, my heart is burning in my chest
and after all the fighting I won’t have any emotions left
I want someone to hold me while I hold them back
but I'd probably start another war, operation heart attack!

("L" is for the L.O.V.E.)

I want the "L" for the way you Look when you're Looking at me
"O" for the hole you fill, you make me so happy
the "V" is symbolic for the way we come together
and "E" I want you to be my everything forever,
but the "L" is what I've lost and I can't seem to.. find
"O" is for the hole that's so empty inside,
"V" is for the.. Vicious monster...

("L" is for the L.O.V.E.)
Track Name: Fresh Mondays
... youngin' gettin' down with it
head too small I had to get the crown fitted
wings spread I’m getting flyer man
hover over buildings and I say what’s up to Spiderman

rockin' loafers and a vest over the button down
something like bugs bunny makin' moves underground
so undiscovered like the missing link flow like a kitchen sink
and if I’m on your mind tell me what you think

damn Youngin’ and Steve where the hell you been
I need a dosage real bad like some medicine
rap game is sick it’s real unsettling
Steve Young, MD, I’ll make it feel well again

not hood but she’s all over my head again
like Justin I tuck her into bed again
got her mom wondering, where the hell she been
so I invited her over and made her feel young again

(brief discussion)

Photoshop fresh like I spray-painted the abs on
you got ‘em thinkin’ bout saran when you sing a rap song
... so you claim you got plastic
and you say you stretch work you must be talkin’ bout elastic

I don’t have to lie and say I take drugs…
these guys claim they have game but I think they mean the rape drug
rappers lying, flossing, thinking that they got it
you’re the type to wipe your ass before you even drop hot shit

(wooooooo!!) I bet you never seen a track so attractive
flow so alive paraplegics do a back flip
I can make perfect go to practice, a clown go to classes
and I can make a tortoise move the fastest

allow a blind man to see without glasses,
and allow a deaf person to hear so they don’t need to blast this
… I’ll pay a prostitute to blow your head off
so you better make like Amelia Earhart, and get lost

(brief discussion)

comin’ up behind you like some zippers on a Jansport
Put the mic down, boy, didn't you know this was a man’s sport
I don't wear fancy jeans, I can't afford it
but I'm shittin’ on these rappers I don't even need the pants for it

naked in the booth I got nothing to hide
but these girls are getting naked like there’s nothing inside
a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do
and maybe if I needed money id be shaking for it too

yea, and Fresh Monday is the movement
one day every week my wardrobe gets improvement
it seems like every Monday you be crying for help
I recommend you get dressed up, feel good about yourself

you get a positive outlook, optimism and confidence
on top of that, dressing Fresh you get a lot of compliments
play this again if you’re not getting me
cause now I’m out like a dyslectic at a spelling bee

play this again if you’re not getting me
cause now I’m out like a dyslectic at a spelling bee...
Track Name: Must be the Stress
Verse 1:
... god damn it here we go again
I can’t believe I gotta sit through this awful show again
I thought we settled everything the last episode
and at the end we were so happy we didn't let it go

but now we let it blow all out of proportion
you’re twisting up my words but I’m no good at contortion
you always knew just how to spin it everything to say
to bring out the worst in me and now I’m screaming in your face

... you bring out my forth alter ego, here we go,
another night, arguing in the common area
cause your roommates don’t like it when we fight
you start to cry so I hold you real tight

"don’t touch me!" she says, so I respond like alright
I just wanna make this better, baby, I can stand the hate
speaking of baby it’s been two weeks I’m late.. for my period
... you can’t be serious, it must be the stress

chorus 1:
it must be the stress
it must be the stress and all this shit that I put you through
I’m sorry, baby, I’m a mess...
I’m hoping for the best but my girlfriend might be pregnant
now she’s gotta take a test... I’m hoping it’s the stress
it’s gotta be the stress
yea, it must be the (stress)

Verse 2:
maybe withdrawal from not having sex
now I know what it feels like to try quitting cigarettes
the worst part about it, I want a girl partly to make my old girl
jealous and realize what she’s missing out on

but it’s been a while and I’m in a serious drought
brain is so clouded and I can’t seem to figure out
why I can’t move on it’s like the game skipped my turn
I know a girl who’s always blinking so everybody gets a turn

she has a boyfriend but she’s always cheating, I’d hit that,
but I wouldn't want someone doing the same thing to me and
I’m tempted to hook up with close friends that might like me
like my one friend I kissed then I was (swoosh!) like Nike

learning from mistakes I know that not the best idea,
so I don’t hook up with friends anymore no matter how appealing
it’s all for a reason, I’m thinking life is like a test
I want an A so I never have to say it must be the stress

chorus 2:
it must be the stress
it must be the stress and all this shit that I’ve been going through
life is such a mess...
I’m hoping for the best trying to stay optimistic every day but it’s a test
shit has got me feeling stressed
yea, it’s got me feeling stressed
and it must be the (stress)

Verse 3:
that’s got me feeling so depressed lately
I don’t even feel motivated when I’m talking to Eighty
pressure from my mom I just wanna rap but she keeps
stressing to get scholarships and an architecture job

meanwhile I keep writing songs and storing them in a folder
writing new songs while the old ones get older
and I’m not recording anything cause I don’t have a mic yet
mixtape ideas and I didn't Finish Through the Line yet

… I got a problem spending as soon as I get it
so instead of a microphone I just got some new clothes
fuckin’ stupid! I thought you said you wanted to make music
maybe just be an architect and stop being so foolish

Fuck that! ill prove you wrong, I’m just talking to myself
ill finish this whole mixtape without any help
but time is running out, every single day
and if my hair starts to turn gray I’ll say it must be the stress

chorus 3:
it must be the stress
it must be the stress,
that’s got me so determined to go out and make the best...
fighting for success taking nothing for granted and trying not to have
I’m trying
it’s gonna be okay
but I gotta Finish Through the Line
I gotta Finish Through the Line
I GOTTA Finish Through the Line
I’m trying..
and I gotta Finish Through the Line....
Track Name: The Day is Young
"I'm addicted to you, but you know that you're toxic"

Verse 1:
First of all, I wanna thank you for checkin’ it
don’t thank me it’s my pleasure don’t mention it
new flavor in your ear like infection and you don’t need a q-tip
I’m cleaner than erections with protection

flow thirst quenching like the G-series
1.. 2 and 3, I got the whole set man
Dwight Howard I play so above the net man
Steve Young, hall of fame, but I’m not a vet man

flyer than a jet and they need a net to catch me
smartest kid in school I only let the teachers pass me
high school athlete and college architect
but in the summer I’m rappin’ trying to see how far I get

bringing something different to the table, try some matzo
sweet as egg challah but I’m hotter than lasagna
and you can keep rapping that garbage...
but your time is almost up and I’m just getting started

running circles around the squares until your rhombus hurts
I’m rapping like I got a PHD and you’re a fuckin’ nurse,
a fake, a loser, a scrub, I don’t know how you can hate
from the outside you can’t even get in the club

I keep a rake on me for when the girls fall in love
I’m White, not Barry, but they can’t get enough
girl you start it up and rev my engine every time
I make you finish right before I Finish Through the Line


verse 2:
another rapper wanted beef, but I respectfully declined
I guess I’m in a super hero state of mind
wrote a diss track and deleted it, too much nobility
and Uncle Ben said, "with great power comes great responsibility"

I couldn't do it to him, what would his mother think?
you got another thing comin’ thinking you can fuck with me
he thought that he could flow just like any other sink
said he’s as big as Titanic, must have meant that kind of sink...

think about that in your spare time and you can fix your hair line,
but it won’t fix the crookedness of your damn mind
I couldn't even listen without cracking up..
you talk a lot of shit but I’m a clogged toilet, I back it up!

swag like the dickens, meanwhile these other guys are on the
sidelines chillin’ and its lookin’ like slim pickins
looking like slim chickens, they wouldst want the beef, I
wouldn't want it either it’d be tricky to pick you out my teeth

yea, now I'ma go and switch the style up
cause when I start talking about hate I try to put my smile up
changing it up my mind is more about the positives
the bright side the blue sky like common is, and this is

street radio, voice of the young people
telling you it’s cool to talk about things that are legal
and you can ride with me or not, just know if you’re in another elevator
yours might not be going to the.. TOP!


Verse 3:
Lyrics so nice you gotta listen to it twice
or maybe three times if you wanna get it right
I finally did it, the mixtape is done
working on two more and the day is still Young

Lyrics so nice you gotta listen to it twice
or maybe FOUR times if you wanna get it right
I Finished Through the Line, but here another comes
hopefully at the end of the day I made you feel Young